Google Buzz: it’s all about search and mobile

Posted by: in Social Media Insights & Trends on February 10, 2010

googlebuzzsymbol The buzz about Google Buzz has been huge since the new service was announced by Google yesterday.

Google Buzz gives you a social network built into Gmail, Google’s web-based email service (known as Google Mail in some countries including the UK). You can watch a Google video to get a good sense of how it works.

Some people say that Google Buzz is a killer service to take on the likes of Twitter and Facebook. Others say it’s more of a “social content aggregator” and only another milestone along the road where Google is travelling (I was sorely tempted to call that the “information superhighway”). It’s also being called “a social Swiss Army knife.”

Whatever you decide it is, there’s one big thing it is about – search. Apart from anything else, it gives you the ability to search your social graph and find the content that interests you, filtering out the stuff that doesn’t.

Here’s an insightful view on that aspect from Jyri Engeström, the founder of Jaiku, a Twitter rival snapped up by Google in 2007:

[…] The game is no longer just about “what are you doing”. As microblogging has become more popular, the stream has become more busy, and people are getting tired of sifting through the noise. So, now that pretty much everyone has shown up for the party, the value is moving to discovery, context, and relevance. The question we increasingly feel our social inbox should answer better is: “given what you know about me, look at everything I subscribe to, and show me only the updates I care about most right here, right now.” In one word: Search. And who has the advantage there? We know who.

There’s more, though – mobile. According to Engeström:

[…] You don’t need a crystal ball to know that mobile is becoming the primary (in some cases the only) interface to daily social media. Facebook’s and Twitter’s mobile clients? Let’s be straight, they’re lame feed scrollers compared to what they could be. Nobody has come even close to harnessing the full power of mobile. Which of the three companies has its own mobile platform: Facebook, Twitter, or Google? Again, we know who.

Detailed information on the Google Buzz mobile page. This looks pretty compelling.

Such a picture of disruptive possibilities!

I don’t “live” in Gmail so I find it hard to see how I would use or benefit from Google Buzz, although mobile access looks very appealing. But I’ll keep an open mind at least until I’ve tried it out myself.

How do you see this evolution from Google?

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