If You Tweet It, They Will Come

Posted by: in Customer Experience, Social Media Insights & Trends on March 25, 2010

A few weeks ago, I I had a first-hand experience that was both enlightening and reassuring… in short, Twitter does matter.    So what was the moment of enlightenment, you ask?

As part of my role in managing a Twitter account, I was asked to drive awareness and build interaction with followers through a trivia contest.  Initially, although I liked the idea, I was not convinced that this simple approach would return results.    I had my doubts that a “trivia giveaway contest” would motivate  the semi-dormant Twitter followers. Could a prize valued at less than $100 motivate people to look up the answer and respond?   I moved ahead, but somewhat skeptically…

I began building buzz amongst followers a day before the contest by “teasing” the contest and letting them know what time it would take place.  On the day of, I reminded them a few hours beforehand.     Now came the time to post the trivia question….

I tweeted and waited… prepared for the hours I was sure it would take to get a response from the “5th follower to correctly answer”…maybe I should have said “first correct answer wins?!”

Soon, though, I was informed by my co-worker that we had our first response.  Surprised, I went to the @replies and, sure enough, there was the answer followed by many exclamation marks.  I felt strangely excited about the prospect of people answering this question. I quickly became an official geek and  started refreshing the page every 20 seconds.  As I began looking into the responses, I found that many of the answers were actually coming from followers who hadn’t posted previously.    Had these people actually created Twitter accounts just to participate in the contest?  Perhaps they saw it announced on Facebook?   Did my colleague, Lauran Driver, and I single handily bring people to Twitter? Well… probably not, but the connection of the two social networks is an interesting detail to consider.

In the end, it took only 20 minutes to hear from our winner – this for an account which, at the time, only had a bit more than 200 followers.    By this stage, I was really elated – it was as though I was getting the prize myself!

Through this experiment I was quickly reminded that people are paying attention to what they read online and following on Twitter can be an interactive sport.  If you work for followers and interact with them, they will listen to what you post.  Of course, free stuff doesn’t hurt either, but interaction is the foundation of the excitement and success I experienced.

Now I must ask, have you had a similar Twitter experience?

By: Sally Bage


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