If You Can’t Take the Heat

Posted by: in Inside WCG on May 5, 2010

If You Can’t Take the Heat

Don’t do the yoga. Fortunately, I not only can stand the heat, I chase the heat – literally all over the world. Well, to be specific – in approximately 20 cities spanning the US , Europe and Mexico.  Who in their right mind would chase the opportunity to spend 90 minutes in a 105 degree room doing funny little yoga postures in cities far and wide? A Bikram yoga enthusiast who travels a lot for their job and truly NEEDS the heat and postures to feel balanced, healthy, and physically and mentally ready for a challenging and sometimes “heated” job. My job often takes me to NY, Chicago, Austin, London, Atlanta and other cities for client and company-related business. I love the travel and always make the time to search out and take local Bikram yoga – or more recently hot Vinyasa flow – classes – before 7 am no less. It’s the only time I can carve out of my day– with no blackberry, cell phone or meeting interruptions – that is truly all for me. Now staying “present” as the teachers counsel is another story. After nearly nine years of my practice, I still struggle with quieting my mind and fully meditating during the 90 minutes. Turning off the constant racket of work and personal “to dos” in my head is no easy feat but if I can spend about half the class just thinking about letting the thoughts dissipate through my breath, I figure I’m ahead of the game. On the flip side – and don’t tell my teachers this – but I’ve experienced some of my most creative breakthroughs during my classes – the big idea for a new business presentation or clarity about an organizational challenge the company is going through. Together, these are just some of the reasons I must stand the heat especially when I’m on the road.

Case in point. I recently traveled to our New York, Chicago and Austin offices to present first quarter results to the staff. In New York (my hometown), I always go to New York Yoga on 85th and Lex for a “juicy” (the teacher’s adjective!) hot vinyasa class. This class is always amazingly satisfying because it’s super hot and humid, the teachers are inspiring and the class kicks my butt. To top it off, I get to do the class with my sister, Debbie, who loves it too.  

In Chicago, I caught a Bikram class at 6 am with one of my local colleagues – god bless you Jess for getting up with me! The studio – located in Lincoln Park – was one of the larger studios I’ve been to and uncharacteristically, it had a hard wood floor versus carpet – much better on the stinky smell factor Bikram is known for. The class was good and hot, but I had to leave early to get to a meeting – something some studios frown upon and this one did. Oh well – my theory and the one my SF studio, Global Yoga supports – is some sweat is better than no sweat.

I’m now just returning from a few days vacation in Florida and enjoyed Bikram in Delray Beach and a soothing vinyasa class on a cruise to the Bahamas!

Next week it’s back to NY for business and more “heat” on the road. I’ll continue sending updates for yogis near and far to check out the hot spots for yoga around the world.


By: Diane Weiser

Practice Lead, Healthcare, WCG

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  1. Diane – Great post… you inspired me to try Bikram a long time ago… I need to get back to it. I’ve gone to Bikram Yoga Norwalk: http://bit.ly/aasZZe if you ever need a location in the Nutmeg state 🙂


  2. Samantha Kidd said

    Excellent, I wish i could take the heat, but alas, yoga is not for me give me a cold pool any day!

  3. Kym White said

    Diane – Check out “Om on the Range” in Chicago on Ravenswood – despite its silly name, it’s a great place, also with a hardwood floor and decent ventilation! Kym White

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