WCG ThoughtLeader Interview: Andrew Spong and Silja Chouquet, #hcsmeu

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hcsmeusnip Each week, a vibrant discussion takes place on Twitter among people with keen interest, opinions and comments to share about healthcare, the pharma industry and social media in Europe.

The discussion is Healthcare Social Media Europe, more commonly referred to by its Twitter hashtag: #hcsmeu. On any given Friday, dozens of participants share comment and opinion on wide-ranging topics proposed by discussion group participants. Recent discussion topics include “Is the EU ahead of the US in terms of pharma engagement in social media?”, “What are the best ways to recruit patients online for clinical trials? Does it differ by disease area? Language?” and “What are the best tools for monitoring healthcare social media for PR/marketing purposes?”

In this episode of the WCG ThoughtLeaders podcast, WCG’s Neville Hobson talks to Andrew Spong and Silja Chouquet, the two founders of #hcsmeu. In a wide-ranging conversation, Andrew and Silja describe #hcsmeu, explaining how it came about, what it does, and plans for the future. The conversation embraced social media in healthcare in Europe: the state of it today and what’s evolving, including citing examples of social media good and best practice by pharma companies such as Boehringer Ingelheim, Janssen-Cilag, Pfizer, and Roche. The discussion concluded with a look ahead to what the social media landscape for healthcare in Europe may look like in 2012.

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(See also: The #hcsmeu Daily Twitter newspaper.)

About Our Guests

andrewspong Dr. Andrew Spong worked for a decade in academia and a further 11 years in scholarly publishing before turning his attention to the health conversation on the social web. An industry thought leader, Andrew publishes regular comment and analysis at STweM.com, and is the co-founder of influential Twitter-based community Healthcare Social Media Europe (#hcsmeu). Andrew is currently Editorial Director, Nexus, part of the P\S\L group. He is based in Sussex, England.

siljachouquet Silja Chouquet is the owner and CEO of whydot GmbH, an agency specialized in social media consulting, coaching and training. Her fields of expertise are the creation of patient-focused social media communications and marketing campaigns. Prior to starting her own business, Silja built a solid track record as a consultant and line manager in the health care industry with over ten years of experience. She worked for major pharmaceutical companies, where she held senior positions in sales, strategic planning, market research and business intelligence.

Silja started her career as a senior consultant at Mercer Management (now Oliver Wyman). She holds a BS in International Business and Marketing from Georgetown University in Washington DC and an MBA from INSEAD. Silja grew up in Germany, studied in the US and worked in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland. She currently lives with her husband Francis, their daughter Lola and their two cats in Basel, Switzerland.

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5 Responses

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  1. Thank you for interviewing us and for your advocacy of Healthcare Social Media Europe, Neville. Your support and ongoing participation is much appreciated.


  2. You’re welcome, Andrew. My pleasure discussing these topics with you and Silja. Big topics! The conversation continues online.

  3. jason said

    WCG has no idea what they are doing in the digital space?

  4. jamie said


  5. Jason/Jamie at IP address, your comments add zero to the conversation. In fact, you violate our terms of use (see item 7 re trolls).You’re not welcome here.

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