Technology on the Spectrum: Post-Holiday Recap

Posted by: in Uncategorized on January 7, 2011

The holidays are over… the wrapping paper has been cleaned up, the decorations put away, and it’s been a couple of weeks since some new gadgets have found their way into my son’s hands. Although he was really hoping for an iPhone, we weren’t about to go there yet!  Among the gifts he did receive were two that we thought he’d really gravitate towards.

One was the uDraw for Wii. A very cool tablet that lets you draw/create “on screen”. You can then save, print, etc. Neat technology that my kids have compared to the smart boards used in their schools. On the downside, I think the pen/stylus is a bit clunky and I think my son would like it much more if the tablet were operational by touch.

Another gift he received this year was a Flip cam. This he absolutely LOVES. He has shot countless hours of clips in the last few weeks and has quickly mastered uploading the files from the camera and creating mini movies – complete with cleaver titles, music, etc. This was, by far, the big hit gift of the season. And while it’s fun for him, there may be a practical value here as well — I’ve mentioned before that it can be a challenge for my son to take pen to paper and write a creative story/paragraph for school. In the last few days, I’ve been thinking he might be able use his camera to create a story (thus helping him through his homework). An area to explore…

So the Flip was a hit, but, in retrospect, I wish we had considered an iPad as there are some terrific apps out there for people on the spectrum (for some great info on this, check out this post by Shannon Des Roches Rosa). On the plus side, as we heard out of CES this week, there are a bunch of new tablets coming out this year and that will surely lead to the development of even more apps targeted to those on the spectrum…. so a tablet may not be is not too far off for us.

Beyond the iPad/tablet love in the air, what other new technologies are you aware of/would you like to see explored to help people on the spectrum?

By: Mark Bennett

Group Director

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