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Posted by: in Inside WCG on May 11, 2011

We were humbled last evening to receive the Digital Agency of the Year award from The Holmes Report.  It’s a great honor and we’re very appreciative.  It also led me to reflect on our journey, which started two years ago. 

At WCG, we view ourselves as “pragmatic disrupters” of the status quo.  All of the business, psychology and communications models that we learned in school still apply, but it is how we adapt to our changing online marketplace that leads to incremental innovation.  Whether it is analytics or search or how we reach people at the zip code level, there is always a better way to reach customers and build value for brands.

It’s our mission to work with our clients to continually improve their business step by step. 

I thought I would also reflect on what we’re learning as we build WCG.  Said simply, our experience is showing that there are four simple, yet critical pillars for building our firm. 

#1 – Vision – Our CEO, Jim Weiss, had the vision (see Jim’s latest blog post too) to build a leading-edge digital capability before the first employee was hired.  If you heard our conversation two years ago, it would line up well with where we are today.   It’s that ability to look around the corner that we continue to foster in our firm.  We’re already mapping out what we’ll be like in 2013 today and it is different and better. 

#2 – People – If you hire the best people in the business, good things happen.  We are very proud of our team, their intellectual firepower and their desire to learn from each other.  It’s this last point that is a not so secret sauce.  We are a lot smarter when we learn together across disciplines.   All of us know this isn’t easy to make happen.  It actually just “happens” when you have people who are curious and never satisfied with the way things are today. 

#3 – Clients – We seek out the smartest and most innovative people to work with.   If we work with the best, we can also become the best.  Our clients push us to innovate, help expose new opportunities leading to new products and much more.  It’s like having a great manager of a team.  Great clients do that for us. 

#4 – Offering – We believe that the products on the market are generally ok, but ok is not good enough.  This is why we create our own algorithms, build our own models and will continue to do so at an accelerated pace.  Innovation in the online world is equivalent to being a colony of artists and scientists.  Some of us stare at the canvas and imagine what could be.   Others of us geek out, write code and translate ideas into powerful new models that build advantage for our clients. 

Overall, this award is wonderful and symbolic for us.  We’re also clear enough in our own heads to know that we are fortunate to receive it and it represents a nice marker as we finish Chapter One of a rather long book on how to reinvent marketing and communications for today’s company.  

Thank you most of all to our team and our clients.  All of this happens because of you. 

Hope you enjoy our two videos.  Our first is a thank you to all of you who are clients.  Our second is a video showing how we think of ourselves inside WCG.  Enjoy. 

All the best, Bob

By: Bob Pearson

Bob is the President of W2O Group, an independent network of digital communications and marketing companies. He is an author, frequent speaker and instructor for Rutgers center for management development. After the success of his book Pre-Commerce, Bob is currently working on a new book on the future of media titled Storytizing that will be available in 2014. Prior to W2O Group, Bob worked as VP of Communities and Conversations at Dell to develop the Fortune 500’s first global social media function -- an industry-leading approach to the use of social media, as highlighted in the best seller, GroundSwell. Before Dell, Bob was Head of Global Corporate Communications and Head of Global Pharma Communications at Novartis Pharmaceuticals in Basel, Switzerland, where he served on the Pharma Executive Committee. He also serves on a variety of Boards in health and technology. Highlights include serving as an original member of the P&G digital advisory board and being appointed by the Governor of Texas to serve as chair and vice chair of the emerging technology fund for the State of Texas.

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  1. Proud to be even a small part of this amazing growth.

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