How Social Media Embodies the Hippocratic Oath

Posted by: in Social Media Insights & Trends on June 3, 2011

Earlier this week, the media formidable, or should I say “inform-idable” Brian Reid shared data from the Oncology Nursing Forum that points to how the internet can placate the sick – and why health care professionals should get involved, not shun digital methods of sharing their advice.

Quickly following, I find this post on KevinMD from guest blogger Dr. Richard Foullon “A moral obligation to help patients decipher online health information.”

It’s a double wammy of good advice from the good doctor.  Not only can you support your practice financially by engaging in social marketing, but you can align with your inner calling to be a doctor and help patients find the right information for their well-being.  Dr. Foullon, “provide patients with trusted, non-biased, accurate, useful healthcare related information online via social media channels and they will come.  You will provide a service that is definitely needed, more in line with our higher calling and at the same time, or as a by-product, accomplish what your financial practice consultant strongly suggests you must do.”

This commentary on the heels of @Doctor_V post in 33Charts sharing 5 new and note worthy doctor/medical blogs you should start reading now.

By: Katie Macdonald

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