Location-Based Marketing for Dummies

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location based mar·ket·ing
/lōˈkāSHən ˈbās-əd ˈmärkitiNG/

Noun: the art of engaging your customers and prospects using services like foursquare, Facebook Places, Yelp and Gowalla to drive loyalty, word of mouth marketing and referrals

It’s hard to imagine that you could write an entire book about that one sentence above but apparently you can. Because my co-author, Mike Schneider, and I did. And our publisher, Wiley, thought enough about what we wrote to actually publish it.

For any of you curious enough to make it this far into the post, let me tell you that writing about a space that didn’t exist 18 months ago can be tricky business. Especially one whose major players drop in and out like flies during the eight months it took Mike and I to put digital pen to paper. With that said, I’d like to think that Mike and I did a pretty good job at capturing the essence of location-based marketing by keeping the book focused on “marketing” using location-based tools versus the other way around. This approach helped ground what we did in history versus the future thus making our task just a little bit easier.

In the book, Mike and I focus on five discrete areas, the last of which was the most fun to write mainly because it looked at the future versus the past. In particular, those five areas are:

  • Putting a Little “Location” in Your Marketing Campaign (review of the LBS players in the space)
  • Location-Based Marketing in Action (the nuts and bolts of putting together a campaign)
  • Integrating Location into Other Channels (how to integrated LBM into your overall marketing)
  • Measuring Your Return on Investment (measurement, measurement, measurement)
  • The Part of Tens (a look at the future and a few other odds and ends)

Our goal with this book was to help small businesses and big businesses learn more about what is possible with location-based services, how to use it and most importantly, how to get started. In an earlier post, I talked about the 10 keys to a good location-based marketing campaign. While that was enough to whet some people’s appetites, this book helps those that really want to role up their sleeves.

For those of you that are more visual learners (like myself), here’s a quick video providing a little more detail about the contents of the book, why we wrote it and who it can help.

Mike and I have also done a few podcasts/video interviews if you’d like to learn more about the space. We’ve been lucky enough to have a few book reviews as well. Here are the links:

Last but not least, if you’re a journalist type and like to see this information in the form of a press release, our agency was kind enough to put one of those together too.


By: Aaron Strout

Aaron is the President of WCG, one of the three agencies under the W2O Group umbrella. He is a regular contributor to Marketing Land and a co-host of video podcast, Live from Stubbs.

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