Google Sez: Keep That Content Fresh!

Posted by: in Analytics, Social Media Insights & Trends on November 7, 2011

Here at WCG, we are strong supporters of content. It truly is King. But it’s not that cut and dry, exactly.

Sure, you’ve got a great web site with some really informative content. Congrats! Unfortunately, your (and our) job has only just begun.

Just last week, Google changed their algorithm (an action that usually causes much hair-pulling and loud crying in search agencies around the globe). The goal? Redefining the Kingdom of Content. The new algorithm shuffled the Web up, and assigned higher scores to those sites that feature FRESH CONTENT.

AKA: those sites that are updated the most often (with non-SPAM content) get the higher, better rankings.

Since the change, according to Google, 35% of all searches were ultimately affected. That’s a lot! 1 in 3! Ultimately, when the algorithmic dust had cleared, the outcome proved to have three clear winners: news, broadcasting, and brand sites.

As for losers? It was a bit muddier, with no real clear loser category.

But what does this mean for you?

Think of it this way: search rankings will now be akin to playing that childhood game, King of the Hill. You know, the one where you and all your classmates race each other to the top of a hill. The first kid at the top is the “King,” but they then have to guard their kingdom, flinging approaching threats back down to the ground belowl. All it takes is one good hit from a throne-targeting friend to transfer the crown. He (or she) who is at the top only remains there as long as they can defend it.

So, how can you remain King of your particular hill? Just redefine the Kingdom of Content. Content is King, yes, but it needs to fight like a decorated warrior to stay that way.

Here are some ways you can ensure that your website is ready to defend the throne:

– Do you have a blog?
No? Get one. Yes? Make sure it’s updated regularly.

– Do you have a news section?
Keep it up to date.

– Do you have an events section?
Keep it detail-rich and recent!

– Revisit your existing page content on a twice-monthly basis
Can you make changes? Add or update content? Consider it.

Take a page out of the winners of the recent updates, and make sure that you are constantly serving up fresh, hot, and tasty content. It’ll help you in the long run, and get you on Google’s good side.

By: Justin Buchbinder

Justin R. Buchbinder is a passionate blogger, Tweeter, YouTuber, Facebooker, and nightlife promoter.

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