Calling the Game from the Line of Scrimmage…

Posted by: in Thought Leadership, Uncategorized on January 9, 2012

CEOs are like NFL coaches in that the responsibility for directing their respective organizations (teams) rests on their shoulders.

But in an ever changing global marketplace the winners both on and off the field today are those that can quickly and accurately discern a set of variables including customer shifts, competitive pressures, pricing trends, reputational risks, technology disruptions, and talent gaps among other things.

In the past, this was often the purpose of strategic plans and the purview of CEOs. However, the pace of business is such that CEOs are not only decentralizing organizational structures they are also transferring strategic decisions along with day-to-day tactical decisions to select leaders.

Getting back to the gridiron, such moves are akin to the quarterback calling the game at the line of scrimmage or the point of contact. No longer can a game plan or strategic plan be relied on to guide decision-making against a myriad of forces impacting success.

For communicators, this shift in organizational authority is significant. First, it forces us to ensure that all of our effort is being directed at the right targets and goals. And at the right time.

Who is making these decisions within the organization? Are we using communications to help them get smarter about the business? Does our counsel – based on our expertise – guide the right actions to propel the organization toward it’s business goals?

From a Communications standpoint, this new reality is built perfectly for social media from an analytics and programming opportunity. Providing the right metrics and dashboard can clear the road ahead offering a more coherent set of actions to drive results. Further, the insights drawn from such data paint a picture of the future, which is critical to senior leadership in making investments and driving change.

As 2012 unfolds we are already seeing companies scrambling to find their center of gravity.

There’s no better time to truly burnish our value proposition than right now!

What do you think?

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