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I’m excited to announce a new program at WCG – MDigitalLife.

MDigitalLife exists to showcase how forward-thinking physicians are using digital communication channels to change the way that they practice medicine.

While doctors have been spending more and more time online for the last several years (Manhattan Research tells us that their professional online time increased from 2.5 to 8 hours per week between 2002 and 2009#), we’ve noticed an unprecedented explosion of online activity in the past 12 months.

The goal of this series is to learn from these “doctors of the future” and to share their thinking with a broader audience in the healthcare space … we believe that they’ll inspire other physicians, hospitals, nurses, health insurance and pharmaceutical companies to be more transparent and more inclined to dialog for the benefit of all.

The truth is that these doctors are still very much trailblazers. There has been little if any guidance from the medical establishment (e.g., academic institutions, physician’s associations, etc.) on how and why physicians can improve their own practices and possibly even the health of their patients by using online tools and resources. There are certainly some notable exceptions (e.g., the Mayo Clinic’s Center for Social Media), and we’ll take the time to learn from those folks as well.

But the focus here is clearly on the doctors. Their online activities are frequently misunderstood by their peers (if their peers are aware of them at all), but we hope to join them in changing that. Look for an interview here on WCG’s Common Sense blog every Wednesday morning … beginning with a leading light in the space – and a friend – Dr. Bryan Vartabedian.

#MDigitalLife is a WCG program designed to learn from and to showcase physicians who are blazing new trails in the digital world – changing the way that medicine is practiced and better health is realized.  You can find the entire series of posts here.

By: Greg Matthews

Greg Matthews is the the creator and Managing Director of the W2O Group's MDigitalLife - Understanding, Engaging and Activating Physicians in the Digital Age

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  1. Looking forward to it…

  2. Thanks for starting this column Greg. Here’s one to watch, Rich Just, MD. See; and the weekly Internet radio broadcast ‘This Week in Oncology’,with a peer based, crowd sourced, social media version of tumor board on tap, see; @TumorBoard.

  3. Bunny Ellerin said

    Definitely interview Dr.Just. He’s fabulous. I included him in a piece I did on the Social Physician last year. You can read it here: Bryan V was also in the piece.

  4. Thanks for the tip (and for reading). Checking out your piece now, and definitely interested in chatting with Dr. Just.

  5. I can’t wait to meet Dr. Just – his story sounds amazing.

  6. Very interesting series. It’s fantastic to have doctors interacting on social media.

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