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Posted by: in Marketing Insights on January 18, 2012

While at the airport heading to WCG HQ, SF, I picked up the Feb 2012 edition of Fast Company — clearly my mailman not so fast on my regular delivery — b/c I was intrigued by the cover story: Modern Business is Pure Chaos. But Those Who Adapt Will Succeed. The Secrets of Generation Flux. Which made me chuckle and think…aha, so I have just been re-labeled Gen Flux and the WCG secret sauce, isn’t so secret anymore.

Those working in communications, or any business for that matter, have been living in a state of change/evolution for over a decade…but labeling it a state of flux… a state of uncertainty about what should be done preceding the establishment of a new direction of action; “the flux following the death of the emperor”…put the world in which we conduct business/live life in a totally new and enlightening light for me.

This cover story hits the mark (no surprise for Fast Company) comparing the business climate to the weather and that “we’ve entered a next-two-hours era.” Fueled by global adoption of social, mobile and other new technologies — the fundamentals of a business can change overnight and like the weather, we may not always get it right.  Yet “despite recession, currency crises and tremors of financial instability, the pace of disruption is roaring ahead….no long-term picture emerges….” and no long-term careers (” ‘career planning’ is an oxymoron” – The Four-Year Career another strong article reinforcing the birth and rise of Generation Flux in the same edition of Fast Company making Feb 2012 an especially good edition…check out Cheryl Edmonds).

This ability to be fluid and thrive…lies with Gen Flux — “less about a demographic designation (thankfully!) than a psychographic one.” It is a “mind-set that embraces instability, that tolerates – and even enjoys – recalibrating careers, business models and assumptions.” The most important ability: ability to acquire new skills and continuously evolve, “need to be open-minded.” And the piece I like best — “future focus.”

The article highlights the professional evolution of several standout individuals and their businesses and notes that businesses and institutions weren’t built to reinvent themselves…especially not big companies with too much structure, processes, order.

Well known futurist Ray Kurzweil, has written that it’s not just advancing but advancing further each year. If you’re comfortable with the rate of change today, then congratulations, you will be uncomfortable tomorrow and not relevant the next day.

All in all, it makes me further value what I already know is in our secret sauce:

– WCG is about the positive future of communications — in this mission we are clear
– For those fortunate enough to be working here, it means thriving in a constant state of flux — as an independent agency, we can go there….and do so regularly
– We’re looking at how we can

  • Best align the business to meet client needs faster and better…
  • And how we can continue to grow but still be agile
  • How we break down silos and integrate with less hierarchy more focus on team

– And as Fast Company points out, it’s about creating the right environment so “the new” can be exhilarating and empowering
– And hiring the right mix of talent to deliver on the new…and enhance the standard.

We ourselves flux, flex, change constantly. Change/flux may not be easy, but it certainly keeps it interesting. And nearly two years in, it is why it still feels so new and exciting. WCG Generation Flux is ready. 2012, bring it on!

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