An MDigitalLife Recap – The Journey So Far

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Back in January, we started the MDigitalLife series – designed to profile, learn from and celebrate physicians who are using digital communications to change the way that medicine is practiced and that patients experience health.  This has been a passion area for me for a long time, so it’s been a thrill to get to interact with so many amazing doctors.

Now that we’re a couple of months into the season, I thought it would be a good time for some review, reflection and refreshment.  Here are the innovative doctors that have graced these pages so far – with a few notes on what I’ve learned from them, what they’ve been up to lately, and where you can catch up with them.  Enjoy.

– Gm


Bryan Vartabedian – @Doctor_V.  The first doctor who I saw really exploring the impact of social media on the doctor-patient relationship and on the way that medicine is practiced.

Blog: 33 Charts

Sharecare Profile (Sharecare is a WCG Client)

Notable Recent Activity: Doctor V is passionate about medical education – he recently posted on innovation in higher education with an eye towards medical school.


Howard Luks – @hjluks.  Howard has taken the theory of physicians using digital media, and begun to help doctors put it into practice.  His advice on physician’s reputation management is a must-read for docs.

Blog: Howard Luks, MD

Sharecare Profile

Notable Recent Activity: Dr. Luks’ views on social media and reputation management for doctors is fantastic.


Bertalan (Berci) Mesko – @Berci.  The first doctor I’d ever heard of to be really serious about the web.  Both ScienceRoll and Webicina have been enormously influential to the new crop of “digital doctors” who’ve begun to spring up around the world.

Web: ScienceRollWebicina

Notable Recent Activity: Berci’s point of view on the World’s First Live-Tweeted Open Heart Surgery


Jennifer Dyer – @endogoddess.  An amazing journey from clinician and academician to entrepreneur – with a recognition that patients need to know their doctors differently.  Now producing amazing content and content delivery mechanisms with Duet Health.

Blog: EndoGoddess Musings

Sharecare Profile

Notable Recent Activity: Hosting the 2/7 edition of Grand Rounds


Mike Roizen – @YoungDrMike.  The Chief Wellness Officer at the Cleveland Clinic, founder of RealAge, author of the bestselling “RealAge” and “YOU, the Owner’s Manual” books never seems to slow down.  He’s been developing a physician-directed health coaching program designed to provide “mass personalization” of health for patients – using digital techniques to help physicians scale their ability to treat patients.

Blog: Dr. Michael Roizen’s Sharecare Blog

Sharecare Profile

Notable Recent Activity: Creating Enforcer E-Coaching


Ted Eytan – @tedeytan.  The Director of the Permanente Federation at Kaiser Permanente has been in the unique position of exploring the use of digital and social media inside an almost-perfectly-complete health ecosystem.  Patients, physicians and payers are all pushing innovation limits to drive better health, more efficiently.  Ted has also refined and advocated for Kaiser’s a model for creating and maintaining a culture of innovation inside a healthcare company – no mean feat.

Blog: Ted Eytan, MD

Notable Recent Activity: Ted gave a remarkable presentation on Green Healthcare at the American College of Preventative Medicine.  Definitely worth a look.


Chris Porter – @PorterOnSurg.  Chris is a true renaissance man.  He’s a general surgeon who’s taught some of the best and brightest around.  He’s spent time in some of the scariest places in the world (from a health perspective) with Doctors Without Borders.  And he’s created the ultimate surgeon’s resource –  He’s bold, ready to take risks, and looking to change the world.

Blog: OnSurg Founder

Notable Recent Activity: Building an incredibly engaged community on facebook – a surgeons page with over 10,000 “Likes”


These docs have been fantastic … and there is still so much more to come.  I’ve already completed two great interviews that will be featured over the next two weeks, and have two more teed up.  In the meantime, get to know these docs.  You may also want to follow my Doctors Twitter List – which I’ve maxed out at 500 online docs.  There’s no better way to keep your finger on the pulse of the MDigitalLife revolution.


By: Greg Matthews

Greg Matthews is the the creator and Managing Director of the W2O Group's MDigitalLife - Understanding, Engaging and Activating Physicians in the Digital Age

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