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Posted by: in Marketing Insights, Social Media Insights & Trends, Thought Leadership on February 29, 2012

Today, Facebook is holding their Facebook Marketing Conference. They will be discussing some big updates to their Pages. WCG will be providing another post at the end of the conference to recap the news, but here’s what we know so far. Facebook is making some major design and layout changes to their brand Pages, which companies employ. In short, they’re instituting the Timeline feature that you may already be familiar with in your own Facebook Profile.

  • Timeline: Pages will now look like Timelines
  • Cover Photo: A new large banner image will occupy the top of the Page. It will be a 851×315 pixel photo to convey a brand message. See Ben & Jerry’s Page as an example. The only restrictions are that this image can NOT be promotional (include calls-to-action, coupons, deals, etc.). It can only be for branding purposes.
  • Admin Panel: Page admins will now see an Admin Panel that gives them a snapshot of the Page Insights (reporting). From there, you can also request a name change for your Page.
  • Activity Log: You can now more easily navigate to older posts to edit/delete them.
  • Applications: These are the custom tabs that have been lined down the left side in small fashion. They will now be larger and be lined across the top. You’ll also see fewer of them at a time (only 4) with a link to see the others. This is seen as a move by Facebook to phase out the custom app tabs, since they’re looking to bring the Facebook experience onto other websites instead of bringing those websites into custom tabs.
  • Pinning: Taking a cue from Pinterest, you can now pin any given post to the top of your Page to feature it, for up to 7 days.
  • Direct Message: This is an important one for companies (especially pharma). Users will now be able to send a private message to the Page admins. This could be a means by which a patient could notify a pharma of an adverse event, or a customer could notify a company of a customer service issue or sensitive question.
Any companies can take advantage of these changes starting today if they choose to publish their Timeline. You can see we did this with WCG’s Testaquel Page. Please note that you have only until March 31, when the timeline will automatically be turned on, so:
  1. Let your internal stakeholders and agencies know of this change.
  2. Prepare a 851×315 pixel image to use as the Cover Photo that meets the restrictions above.
  3. Upload that image and Preview your new Page’s look.
  4. For Pharma clients, get regulatory sign-off, since it is a major change in the look.
  5. Publish the update by March 31, 2011, or it will be done automatically.

If you have questions, please contact WCG for counsel.


By: Matthew Snodgrass

Group Director of Digital Strategy at NextWorks, partner of The W2O Group.

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  1. Some additional details:
    – The new Pages look will be available for smart phones later this year.
    – Reach Generator: uses Sponsored Stories (instead of ads) to reach up to 75% of your fans, instead of the typical 16% of Facebook content the average user sees.
    – Premium on Facebook: distribute your content on the news feed (desktop and mobile), right-hand of the homepage, and on log-out.
    – They rolled up all different activity into what’s called “people talking about this.”
    – Realtime Page Insights is coming soon.
    – Fan-gating (aka Like-gating) is no longer allowed.
    – Brands can no longer dictate which tab new fans land on. All fans will land on the Wall.

  2. The name change request option has DISAPPEARED! We have been trying to get our name changed on our business page for over a year now! This sucks!

  3. You are correct. That option, as advertised, is gone. However, if you go into the “Basic Information” section of your settings, you can see a field for the “Name:” of your Page. Have you tried just editing it right in there?

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