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Posted by: in location-based marketing, Marketing Insights on February 17, 2012

**UPDATED AS OF September 19, 2012 for the FSMU Conference**

This morning I’m giving a talk at Jason Falls Explore Dallas Ft. Worth event. I have the good fortune of being on stage with social/location/mobile smarty, Adrian Parker — formerly of RadioShack and now at Intuit. Given the fact that we only have thirty minutes to talk, I realized that having a list of resources ready for folks that are interested in location-based marketing would be helpful. Then I thought, having a list of location-based marketing resources for ANYONE might be helpful.

Here is a good starter list of places you can go to read more about how businesses are using location-based marketing — some from me, some from friends, some from other smart people in the industry:

If you know of a good blog, report or resource that’s missing, go ahead and add it in the comments and I’ll move it up  on the list.

By: Aaron Strout

Aaron is a managing director at W2O Group. He leads the newly formed Social Commerce Practice. In his spare time, he blogs, podcasts, speaks, Twitters and BBQs. He also loves his Instagram.

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