Business’ Greatest Challenge: “I’m Not Challenged!”

Posted by: in Corporate and Strategy on March 27, 2012

At a time when organizations fight every day to attract and retain talent, people continue to leave organizations for a very disconcerting reason: lack of challenge!  More and more, HR professionals are finding that talent is leaving because there are little or no pathways for them to see where they can make a difference beyond their current position.

So where does the fault lie?

Some argue that leadership must make professional development and career advancement a strategic priority and provide the funding and oversight necessary.  Others suggest that HR professionals need to recalibrate their priorities and focus to identifying and developing talent throughout the enterprise. And still others place the blame on the individual who ultimately should be responsible for their own career advancement.

From an internal communications standpoint, there are two critical questions to answer that will go a long way to changing the situation:  

1)   are your employees an audience or a community?  If it’s the latter, you have a strong chance to engage people in the business in a way that transcends their current responsibilities.  To do so, you need to ensure your content, context, cadence, feedback, system, and infrastructure are aligned to drive specific behavior necessary to move the business forward.

2)   how smart do you want people to be? This is by far the most important question to answer for CEOs and CCOs alike.  The point being that internal communications should be designed to increase employee knowledge, confidence, and action.

Virtually every industry is engaged in myriad challenges and issues that place pressure on organizations in virtually all facets of the business.  A such, having the right talent on hand to address this reality from an innovation, competition,  engagement, and systems perspective is critical to success if not survival.

Everyone in an organization is responsible for keeping people challenged….so, what are you doing?

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