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Over the last two or three years, it has become crystal clear that South by Southwest Interactive is THE event to attend if you are interested learning more about the latest and greatest trends in digital, social and mobile. Equal parts innovative startups and smart corporations, the crowd of 25,000+ people that flood Austin, TX in mid-March each year understand that they are in for five action packed days of intense networking and education.

The double edged sword with SXSW is that there is SO much good content — many times too much — that it’s often hard to figure out which sessions to attend. One of our goals at WCG/W2O is to help curate this process for our employees, clients and partners. Because the decisions on the panels making the final cut is still a few months off, we thought it would be helpful to start this journey by teeing up some of the panels that our customers and employees (including myself) have submitted.

Below, you will find four panels that we have collectively submitted. By clicking on the title of the session you can get much greater detail about the session. If you think it’s interesting, we encourage you to vote for it on the panel picker page. If you really like it, feel free to share it with your network:

More Than Pills

Who says patients deserve a voice in healthcare? Well … actually Healthcare does. The trick is: how do you make this happen? Traditionally, the industry has been slow to adapt to the connected age, marginalizing patient input on life-changing solutions and treatments. But innovations from Sanofi, US Diabetes’ Patient Solutions are now realizing the future of healthcare: open, two-way conversations, and success determined well beyond sales. Know how they did it? You only think you know … but Michele Polz, Head of Sanofi Patient Solutions, lets you in on a secret that’s revolutionizing patient interaction.

Speaker: Michele Polz, Sanofi Patient Solutions


Social COE: Extending Social Across the Enterprise

The biggest problem that many large companies face is scaling and codifying social media across the organization. During this advanced panel, experts from Intel, Verizon and Fidelity will talk about their experiences, insights and best practices in creating social media centers of excellence within their organizations during this panel.



Paradise By The Dashboard Light: Success in B2B
Mitsubishi Electric is teaming up with WCG to for a talk discussing analytics and integrated marketing and how Mitsubishi is utilizing unexpected tactics like augmented reality and iOS apps to penetrate the HVAC market in the U.S. Mitsubishi is already a dominant force around the globe and the U.S. Mitsubishi team are proving that social and digital are viable marketing channels for even the most industrial of B2B markets. Even better – they’re measuring everything including revenue growth to their efforts.


The Power of Patient Perspectives
In this panel, ePatients who have started companies and charities will discuss how patients have grabbed the reins to begin changing the $2.3 trillion world of care. (Organizer: Brian Reid W2O Group)


Because we at WCG/W2O are all about making the conversation a two way street, we encourage you to not only vote on any/all of the panels above (you can do so by clicking on the title of each session) but go ahead and post your own session or others that you find interesting in the comments below. Note, we work with a lot of smart clients/people and one of our jobs during SXSW is to help curate the best of the best to our clients. Documenting them here makes that a much easier job.

By: Aaron Strout

Aaron is the President of WCG, one of the three agencies under the W2O Group umbrella. He is a regular contributor to Marketing Land and a co-host of video podcast, Live from Stubbs.

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