PR firms will thrive in big data, new media age

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The paragraphs below are excerpted from my recently-posted article in PR Week:


I recently contributed to another PR Week OpEd that asked the question:  What is the most important way in which the PR firm of 2017 will be different than the PR firm of today?

My answer was:  The PR firm of the future will not be focused solely on earned/unpaid media.  It will be a diversified firm that employs a variety of vehicles — digital, mobile, virtual reality — to deliver relevant content informed by predictive and behavioral data analytics to more precisely target customers, constituents and stakeholders and influence a desired action or decision.  It will deploy a strategic mix of paid, earned, shared and owned (PESO) media that can be monitored and measured directly in real time.

When I first saw the question my original thought was to answer that it wouldn’t be called a PR firm anymore.  But after more deliberation, I realized that was not at all the answer I believe.  I’ve long held that PR is a fundamental business function and can serve as a guiding light and central organizing principle for any business or organization …


To read the entire article, please click through to the PR Week story; PR Firms will Thrive in Big Data, New Media Age

By: Jim Weiss

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