End of the Business Card

Posted by: in Corporate and Strategy, Inside WCG, Jim Weiss, w20 group on March 27, 2013

Well, it has happened. The W2O Group — a digital powerhouse — is dropping one of the last vestiges of the analog world … the business card.

Doing its part for the environment, the W2O Group and its agencies and partners (WCG, Twist Mktg, BrewLife, Health 360, NextWorks) will no longer be issuing printed business cards to staff. I think we all knew this day was coming. I mean, think about it … of the standard stack of 1,000 business cards you’re issued, how many do you typically use? Unless you’re selling products on a showroom floor, probably not many.

Here’s a list of ways I’ve been using my business cards as of late:

  1. Holding an air conditioner louvre in place
  2. Toothpick
  3. Unnecessarily fattening my wallet
  4. Note pad
  5. Leveling an uneven table
  6. Ninja throwing star

And when I do pull a business card out of my wallet at a meeting, it’s the wrinkled, frayed, ugly card that’s been in the wallet far too long — not a good first impression.

What do we really need out of the use of a business card? The transfer of contact information. Over the past decade the number of ways of doing this digitally is innumerable (LinkedIn, Facebook, SMS, MMS, E-mail signatures, Bump, Flock, FullContact, et al). So why the printed card? Has it become the skeuomorph of introductions? Lobbyist from Dunder Mifflin? Who knows?

Whatever the reason, it is done. So the next time you run into one of us at a conference or meeting, prepare to be Bumped!

By: Matthew Snodgrass

Group Director of Digital Strategy at NextWorks, partner of The W2O Group.

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  1. Heather Hanifin said


  2. Lionel Menchaca Jr. said

    Understand and agree… but I have to admit, I was looking forward to getting cards with a cartoon that Hugh McLeod drew for me. Maybe he can make it into a picture. 🙂

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