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Are you leaving dollars on the table? How to activate a ‘social’ culture

McKinsey’s 2012 study revealed that that companies are leaving up to $1.3 trillion dollars on the table by not fully utilizing social media across and within their organization with two-thirds of the potential value resulting from improved collaboration and communication. You can unlock this business benefit by activating your workforce in social media and using their ideas, feedback and expertise to fuel all aspects of your business.

So how do you get there? Start by clearly defining what you want employees to do and where employees and your organization are today.

Companies like Dell, IBM, GM and TD Bank have significantly strengthened internal involvement and collaboration as well as built external corporate reputation and customer relationships through these structured engagements. However, organizational readiness is key and goes far beyond simply giving employees access to social tools.

If you have time, we’d like to share with you best practices for enabling your workforce in social media and measuring the immense business benefit of their engagement in our latest issue of CommonSense…for the C-Suite


Posted by on February 7, 2014.

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