Third time’s a charm: Recap of 3rd New York Associates Meeting

Posted by: in Analytics, Inside WCG, Thought Leadership on February 13, 2014

The New York Associates meeting is still going strong, as we met for the third time on Wednesday, February 12. Here’s what happened in our meeting this month!

In an effort to showcase more associates on our blog and display the work that each associate puts into presenting at our meetings, we thought having guest contributors on the blog post would be a fun and informative way for readers to get a sense of what was talked about during our associate presentation portion of the meeting. Here’s a word from Kristin on what she spoke about:

A Word from Kristen Johansen about our Analytics Offerings – At this month’s associates meeting I shared a brief overview of the analytics department, our product offerings, and procedures. I went into detail about two of our most commonly sold products, the meme/muse and the conversation blueprint, providing examples and explaining how they can be relevant to clients. We also started to talk about all of the custom analytics that are possible for clients, and how if there is ever something you are not sure can be done but would like to try, just come talk to us! Then, we moved into talking a little bit about the importance of communication between departments overall and the impact it can have on the ability of teams to properly project manage, and discussed who would be their best resources for analytics in New York – but also how we can always come to each other first!

Guest speaker: Nancy Fitzsimmons was kind enough to come speak to us – sharing a lot of laughs, stories, and solid advice with the associates in New York.

  • Background – While Nancy spent a major part of her career (20 years) on the client side, she made the switch to come back to the agency world and has since been with W2O Group for the past 3 years working on accounts like Esperion, Johnson and Johnson, Teva and new business accounts.
  • Nancy shared with us some of her professional strengths. Although she only discussed two of them, creating departments and fixing things, we’re sure Nancy knocks it out of the park with every endeavor she encounters.
    • Creating departments– Nancy formed Marketing Communication departments at Quest, Bayer and many other companies.
    • Fixing things– She specializes in fixing relationships with clients and revitalizing account teams that are broken. This ability stems from the enormous amount of empathy that she has for clients.
  • “Own your career”– We asked Nancy what piece of advice she has for associates starting in this industry and her answer was clear and motivating. “Own your career.” Nancy stressed the importance of not letting anyone other than ourselves take charge of what we want. Her advice came from her own experiences.
    • When she was placed on the Wendy’s account after successfully working on the Olympics for P&G, Nancy felt that her expertise wasn’t fully appreciated. She owned her career and pushed her way into the healthcare space and ended up working on Pfizer which is how she made her entrance into healthcare.
    • Back when a new study revealed a link to high alcohol content mouthwashes and oral cancer, Nancy took it upon herself to enroll in an Epidemiology graduate course at Rutgers University so she could learn exactly how to explain to the media what this risk ratio meant, therefore helped save and protect the Listerine Brand.

We thoroughly enjoyed all the anecdotes and insights Nancy shared. Thank you again Nancy for coming to speak at our meeting!

Each meeting we continue to learn more about our all the moving parts here at W2O. Stay tuned for March’s meeting when Sam Hershman will walk us through her role on the WCG Consumer team.

Thanks for helping us Go.Ahead!

Lauren Barbiero & Meredith Crowder

By: Lauren Barbiero

Lauren is a media associate on the earned media team at W2O Group. You can reach her at

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