Bridging the Gap Between Opportunities and the Market

Posted by: in W2O Group on March 27, 2014

I’m both excited and proud to be joining the W2O Group family. There are several reasons but the most resounding is definitely the people.  As Adam Cohen stated in his post upon joining, relationships matter and those that I built with the team (Bob Pearson, Aaron Strout, Mike Hartman, David Witt, Adam Cohen, Michael Brito and Lionel Menchacha) have ultimately led me here.  I  couldn’t stress this concept enough, in fact, my expertise lies in connecting the dots- leveraging relationships with potential opportunities in the market. I have already felt a warm welcome paired with a powerful energy coming from folks that are luminaries of their trade and eager to collaborate. W2O Group has built a momentum and I’m determined to continue it as we stay ahead of the ever-changing digital marketing landscape.

My action plan in bridging the gap between opportunities for W2O Group and the market include the following:

  • Connect the executives that I am fortunate to have developed a warm relationship with to the amazing team/work/offerings of W2O. My background includes working in an array of industries so I will engage with that pool of leaders as well as the community at large. Additionally, it will be my responsibility to identify and attract top tier talent to join the team at W2O. I can already attest to the fact that W2O Group delivers next-gen work with measurable and impactful results. The agency is, no doubt, a leader in the digital marketing space.  I look forward to being another strong voice of the agency, contributing to building awareness of the agency, its’ people, clients and extraordinary work.
  • Mentor the members of the team that are in earlier stages of their career and drive networking/relationship building. The W2O team, across each of it’s agencies of WCG, Twist Mktg, and Brewlife, are full of top tier talent and I can already see many opportunities to add to the already robust toolbox. Mentorship is crucial for both personal and professional development and many times those who are bright- eyed and bushy-tailed don’t always have the optimum guidance needed to succeed and excel. The transparent, collaborative culture of W2O welcomes a teamwork environment for folks at all levels so I see great potential in empowering those who may not know how to best optimize the tools they already have.
  • Add additional bench strength to the executive team. What hooked me as well is the mantra of W2O Group- “Go. Ahead.”  These two simple words carry much weight and as a welcomed female member on the executive team I already feel empowered to make a big splash.

I look forward to growing with W2O Group and it’s agencies as I step into this new role. Most importantly, I am eager to develop, cultivate, and expand relationships within my current network, the agency, and the community as a whole.

For more information, check out the press release here.

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  1. Congratulations Laura and W2O! That’s a great match. Best of luck to both of you.

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