PreCommerce Summit: Natalie Malaszenko and Patrick Morrissey

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Natalie Malaszenko, VP of Marketing & Digital Strategy, Omni Hotels


Natalie Malaszenko provided a fresh angle on the power of data-powered storytelling during her talk at W2O Group’s SXSW Precommerce Summit. Three key takeaways:

1. “Never underestimate being first.”

Too many brands get stuck wading through the pros of cons of every business decision. Malaszenko’s message was clear: Don’t wait. Seize opportunities, even if that means taking a leap into uncharted territory. Leading companies take calculated risks to jump ahead of the competition.

2. “Become a brilliant storyteller. Results will follow.”

While data represents a critical component of any strategy, the customers must remain at the core of every decision. Analytics can only take us so far. To best meet the needs of customers, companies must step back and listen to the conversations happening on all media platforms. By carefully monitoring and responding to trends, brands can build stories that resonate with customers and influencers. In advancing our capabilities in the realm of analytics, we must remember that content still matters a great deal.

3. “Focus on local.”

Not all opportunities arise on a global scale. Sometimes it’s best to scale down and think locally. Although Omni owns hotels around the world, company executives ensure that each location is uniquely tied to the prevailing culture of its city. This “think global, act local” theme can be applied to many business models. It’s about identifying your global brand architecture and layering it down to fit local culture.

Natalie Malaszenko - Omni Hotels

Natalie Malaszenko – Omni Hotels and Resorts #w2osummit

Patrick Morrissey, VP of Marketing, DataSift 


 The future is here. We have access to an unprecedented amount of data about consumer behavior at our fingertips, but do we understand it’s potential?

 1. First stop? Your social site.

Users are visiting social sites first. Like it or not, social channels are an organization’s brand. Over 50 percent of users visit a brand’s social site first. Consequently, social is key to establishing first impressions. With this in mind, we need to stop thinking of social as an ancillary part of a brand’s conversation and prioritize it higher.

 2. One tweet, one million possibilities.

Data drawn from social channels is extensive and can create a multidimensional picture of your customer. Although there are only 140 characters in single tweet, each yields over 400 pieces of metadata. A single tweet can reveal information on location, links, user tendencies and more. Using this data, we can better understand the wants and needs of a brand’s followers and offer them more opportunity to engage.

 3. Reap the rewards of social.

Many businesses have yet to embrace social and the benefits it can bring the bottom line. Few businesses realize the potential. Recent figures estimate that there is nearly $1 trillion left untapped in the social world. Coupled with this, only 3 percent of companies report that they have seen “substantial benefits” from embracing social.

By: Taylor Carr

Taylor Carr is a manager within the Corporate and Strategy team at WCG.

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