WCG has a New Website… does it Even Matter?

Posted by: in Social Media Insights & Trends on March 24, 2014

WCG launched its new website last week. It’s beautifully designed. It uses the latest in responsive design to deliver the same full experience on a desktop, mobile device or tablet. The main land-line phone numbers for each of our offices are listed. And the site is a huge improvement over its predecessor.

But with the vast migration to app’s and with the premium placed on snackable content, at times during the new site’s development, I asked myself: Would it really matter? A full dot-com web site seemed so, “1999”. Was it going to win us any new clients? Make us deliver better work?

But as the site came close to completion and right after it went live, something happened. Besides being visually gorgeous and technically agile, I watched the new site start to disrupt our own status quo.

The site reflected the new positioning we developed for WCG: The Un-Agency. A number of our colleagues really questioned this positioning. Others loved it. People argued about it in meetings.

There was also hand-wringing about our tag-line: You might not be ready for this. Everyone smiled and nodded their head when they first heard it. But right after that first reaction, for a lot of folks, the very next reaction was to wonder if it would put off people… Clients… Talent prospects… Would it sound arrogant? Even hostile? Emotionally it felt right and authentic. Rationally, it made people a little nervous.

UnAgency Language

One thing everyone loved was the sizzle reel that featured our work across the company. I do, too. But I personally didn’t like the music. However, I was a constituency-of-one on this. Everyone else really liked it. In fact it was Jim Weiss’ favorite part of the site. (I decided to pick my battles)

The Contact Us page not only included the location of our current offices, but also a few Coming Soon markets. This caused some stir among employees. Not all of our folks were aware that we had some of these markets in our sites to establish a presence. We had a few folks express an interest to pioneer some specific markets for WCG. We had others question the markets we had prioritized, and even suggest other ones.

So last week, WCG didn’t launch a new website… We started a conversation.

We don’t have the answers to all the questions being asked. And we don’t have monolithic agreement and alignment. But I most certainly know, “we are ready for this”.

Finally, I am pleased to say that WCG was not the classic Cobbler’s Children without Shoes. The site was developed by our rock-star creative and development team. I want to thank Lisa Ackley, Heather Beck, Scott Kramer, Boris Undorf, Doug Rockhill, John Cunningham, Roland Adesanya, Lee Such, Rizwan Badapura, Erin Disney, Blaire Clause, Gage Grammer, Paul Russell, Rob Lowe and Adrienne Birney for their  work, creativity and long-hours on this site. Also special thanks to Mike Hartman & Aaron Strout who played the role of our sherpas for the whole process. Enjoy!

By: Chris Deri

Chris Deri is the President of WCG. Prior to joining WCG, Chris served as Burson-Marsteller’s Chief Executive & Market Leader for the firm’s operations across its five offices in Mainland China. Chris oversaw the firm’s client service and delivery across China in corporate communications, brand marketing, digital & social media, crisis & Issues, and public affairs. Prior to that, Deri spent a decade at Edelman, where he incubated, led and grew the global CSR & sustainability practice to 110 practitioners in 15 offices around the world.

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