We’re still here: Recap of 4th New York Associates Meeting

Posted by: in Corporate and Strategy, Thought Leadership on March 18, 2014

Yesterday, the New York associates got together, yet again, for a special St. Patrick’s Day themed meeting complete with wine, Guinness, cheese and Hershey’s Kisses!

Take a look at how the meeting went!

A word from our associate presenter Sam Hershman – At the March Associates meeting, I discussed how on the consumer team we eat, sleep and breathe consumer! I shared that we strive to build top content strategy and engagement for large consumer brands and how we work with many different people, both internally and externally, to ensure that we deliver the best results. As the community manager for HERSHEY’S and now Verizon Careers, I discussed the creation of content calendars, account management and the day-to-day client activity. In addition, I spoke about my involvement on Tuaca and how we are putting the final touches on our Influencer Outreach project.  I recently started working on Verizon Careers, which has given me the opportunity to expose my leadership skills which I appreciate, liaising heavily with the client, creative and analytics teams. I think that part of what makes our company so strong is the way we work together as a well-rounded agency. I have been able to meet new people, with each new project, which is important to me as a young professional!

Guest speaker: This month we heard from Jared Danielson, a Director in Healthcare Strategy and Planning here at W2O Group, who informed us of his many different responsibilities, shed some insight on his eclectic career path, and left us with some valuable life lessons for how to be successful.

  • Jared’s Role at W2O Group:  Jared joined W2O Group a year ago as a Director of Healthcare Strategy and Planning where he runs headlong into the business and science behind a product. He builds context and uncovers insights about products and translates that information to account and creative teams. Jared works on the Allergan account alongside a ton of new business but will soon be transitioning onto the Lap-Band account.
  • Career Path: Studying Philosophy at the University of Washington, Jared had many ideas of what he thought his career might look like. He moved to Boston post-graduation, and began working at Brigham & Women’s Hospital eventually deciding to attend Harvard graduate school to learn how to run hospitals. From hospital management to grad school, he eventually decided he wanted to explore equity research and venture capital so he moved to New York City and landed a job on Wall Street but soon decided that finance was not his passion. Soon after, he began his marketing career at Rosetta and thrived because he loved both the work he was doing and the people he worked with. It was those relationships that he built at Rosetta that brought him here to W2O Group!
  • Words of Wisdom: Jared had many wise words to share with the New York associates about working towards a successful career and more! Here are a few that stuck out the most to us:
    • Be Curious. Often it’s not how smart you are, but how curious you are.”
    • What you want today won’t be what you’ll want in the future but that is OK!”
    • “Success comes from doing things you love to do.”
    • “Disappointments and setbacks happen, but things always line up in a positive way if you work hard and treat people with kindness.”

SuccessWe really enjoyed having Jared come in and speak to us! Thanks so much Jared!

Professional Development: After a fun run with Slideshow Karaoke, for this month’s associate meeting we implemented a new professional development exercise that was recommended to us by Paul Dyer. Stand Up is pretty much just what it sounds like. One by one, each person in the room stands up and has 30 seconds to say either one thing they need help with or one thing they have learned this month. This exercise was interesting because it gave us the opportunity to hear what others need assistance with and it was great to hear how much we all know and can help each other. Thanks for another great recommendation Paul!

We’re already excited for April when we finally get a New York Twisty to present! Brianna Quaglia plans to tell us about her role as a healthcare associate within Twist!

As always, thanks for helping us Go.Ahead!

Lauren Barbiero & Meredith Crowder

By: Lauren Barbiero

Lauren is a media associate on the earned media team at W2O Group. You can reach her at lbarbiero@w2ogroup.com

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