12 Industry Leaders Share Top Insights at SXSW Event

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A few weeks ago, W2O Group held its fourth annual PreCommerce Summit on the Thursday before SXSW Interactive kicked off. The day long event was packed with smart business people, short presentations and a whole lot of networking. Given the fact that only so many people can actually attend these events in person, we made sure we captured all of the great insights from the event on video.

Below, you will find a few of the high level talking points of each of the speakers along with the accompanying 10 minute videos. In most cases, we also did a real time blog recap of the speakers talk. Onto the highlights!

Paul Fox, Director Corporate Communications, P&G

Key take aways:

  • What social was in the past: the extended family used to be the social structure – communities of family members.
  • Now: we are all connected. We need to think about this as a return to what was normal. We have created a new generation of the extended family network, except now we are doing it through digital channels. Going back to the 50’s with technology driven by the 21st century. If we think about our social networks like extended families, we can drive simplicity and an engagement that we might be missing.

Kurt Heinemann, CMO, Sysomos 

Key take aways:

  • We are driving the public away from open social – people don’t feel like sharing anymore because we are not engaging them as marketers. We are harassing them when we use social for the most part of today. We have to learn how to be more active with them by listening.
  • Instead of thinking of social as a broadcasting medium, we need to be thinking about it as an interactive medium. Social intelligence allows marketers to put the heart of your customers and the market into the soul of your business.

Holly Potter, VP Brand Communication, Kaiser Permanente

Key take aways:

  • How do we bring people in to care about the issues that we care about and have them be advocates on our behalf?
  • We are really reliant on our mobile devices and social networks that we are in and those that we trust are the people who are going to influence us the most in the terms of the information that we are willing to share.
  • “If you don’t like the news then go out and make some of your own.” – Scoop Nisker

You can read a blog recap of Paul, Kurt and Holly’s talks from the PreCommerce Summit here.

Rick Kaplan, Founder, Kaplan Media Partners (former President of CNN)

Key take aways:

  • Find a good marriage between technology and content – the content that people find about their lives and what is real and that is not manufactured for them is good content and more valuable. That is what they want to know versus what do they need to know.
  • We are always looking for ways to catch on. We see something work and we copy it.
  • We have audiences searching for things that are new, stories that are new, stories that don’t have them feeling handled but that are relevant to them.

Rick was also kind enough to sit down with us for a Live from Stubbs interview. You can view that conversation here.

You can read a blog recap of Rick’s talk from the PreCommerce Summit here.

Patrick Morrissey,VP of Marketing, Datasift

Key take aways:

  • We think of social as an add on to the brand when in reality it’s the first experience we actually have with brands.
  • Regardless of the business you are in, you are in the data business.
  • Social is not a trend. It is empowering everything that we do. We can capture meaningful value. It’s about the “who.”

Natalie Malaszenko, VP of Marketing & Digital Strategy, Omni Hotels

Key take aways:

  • Become a brilliant storyteller and results will follow.
  • Listen and then change the hype to impact business.
  • Never underestimate being first.

You can read a blog recap of Patrick and Natalie’s talks from the PreCommerce Summit here.

Jon Maron, CMO, Inrix

Key take aways:

  • It’s not about whether or not you can get there in a certain amount of time, it’s when is the best time as an advertiser to advertise on that billboard. When is traffic the slowest? When can you change the dynamic of your advertising or your message? When people are sitting there. It’s a question of consumer behavior and how it might affect the drivers.
  • Population analytics tells us about the movement of people as they travel from point A to point B and their behavior as they stop at a certain place – able to find what aisle and what they are looking at – the data becomes a true qualitative report that tells what people are doing, not what a specific person is doing.

Jon was also kind enough to sit down with us for a Live from Stubbs interview. You can view that conversation here.

Jeben Berg, Senior Lead, YouTube/Google

Key take aways:

  • The word “brand” and what that represents is the single most important thing to everything Google is going to do.
  • Everything is Beta – if everything stays in beta that means that everything that we do is a test. You are a brand, you have marketing objectives, and those objectives are testworthy. How you achieve them are testworthy. You have to break down the parts and look at them over and over again. You need to study, learn from them and make better decisions.
  • Inception, test & iterate and scale.

Jeben was also kind enough to sit down with us for a Live from Stubbs interview. You can view that conversation here.

You can read a blog recap of Jon and Jeben’s talks from the PreCommerce Summit here.

Michael Marinello, Head of Global Communications, Bloomberg LP

Key take aways:

  • Brand and trust are more influenced by what others say about companies/organizations than they say about themselves thanks to social media. How someone feels about a company and who is seeking out third party information is what we are really trusting.
  • Figure it out for yourself. Know your customers, know your clients, know you audiences, know what platforms matter for you, then put together the plans and strategies and implementations that work for you. At the end of the day we all have to figure it out for ourselves.

Virginia Miracle, EVP of Professional Services, Spredfast

Key take aways:

  • Tapping into a shared passion is one of the most powerful thing we see customers doing.
  • Shared media is messy – you have to follow the passions and locations of you audiences – if you find that the connection between social and commerce is for your organization “testworthy” sit down and think about the role that it plays for your brand and construct a proactive test – you will get real learnings from your analytics rather than taking in a wealth of data and hoping that inspiration strikes.

You can read a blog recap of Michael & Virginia’s talks from the PreCommerce Summit here.

Andrew Bowins, SVP Corporate & Digital Communications, MasterCard

Key take aways:

  • Welcome to the world of Big Data and the intersection of code and content and the Age of Digital Storytelling – We’ve earned our way into the board room by finding out what people truly think to move social away from a Facebook Strategy/Twitter Strategy and to an insights engine that is shaping marketing and communications to adjusting and adopting new roadmaps against what products are needed to be developed to support those audiences to just becoming a truly engaged social enterprise.
  • “You have two ears, one mouth. Listen twice as hard before you start to speak”

Andrew was also kind enough to sit down with us for a Live from Stubbs interview. You can view that conversation here.

Justin De Graaf, Global Social Analytics, Coca-Cola

Key take aways:

  • Move from reporting to analytics – we were missing whether the analytics of any of the reports actually mattered.
  • See the conversations that are there and help the companies understand if this is normal.
  • We need to be moving the needle towards context and relativity so that we can make better marketing decisions. Use information to more rapidly enable the decisions that we make around the globe.

Kelly McGinnis, SVP & Chief Communications Officer, Levi Strauss

Key take aways:

  • Instructions for navigating transformation: Inherit the right team. Message matters – align your narrative with the big picture – fundamentally understanding the business and tapping into that noble cause that possible for you and your team – trust your day 1 key messages. Being agile – We can wait for the business to be ready, or we can step up and become the convener. It’s our responsibility to bring the outsiders in – we do this to be able to tap into the tools we’ve been talking about, to bring the voices of the stakeholders that we’re responsible for representing into those conversations and shape that discussion – it’s our golden ticket. Embrace the new and take risks.

You can read a blog recap of Kelly’s talk from the PreCommerce Summit here.

You can read a blog recap of Andrew, Justin and Kelly’s talk from the PreCommerce Summit here.

John Battelle, CEO, Federated Media

3 tips for Entrepreneurs:

  1. Do not be lazy when it comes to raising money
  2. Know your board
  3. There are two buckets of entrepreneurs – missionary (find the mission and chase it – passionate about what they do), mercenary (sees a market opportunity and exploits it) – you want a mixture of both.

John was also kind enough to sit down with us for a Live from Stubbs interview. You can view that conversation here.

If you want to read a recap from all of our SXSW events, we’ve done a recap here.

By: Aaron Strout

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