5 Key Takeaways from Social Media Conference: the Hub Convene 2014

Posted by: in Innovation, Insights, Social Media Insights & Trends on April 9, 2014

1. Innovate or be Irrelevant.

Brian Jones, VP of North America Marketing at Dell, shared this nugget of wisdom in one of the morning sessions.  GE, Chevy and Taco Bell are some of the companies that are doing it right – using social media to get information from highly connected groups to consistently have an edge in the social space.  Social media, by nature, revolves around innovation and human connection.

2. Employee engagement & internal brand advocacy can make or break your organization.

It’s important to develop collaborative policies within our organization to cement employee engagement and ownership of social.  It may sound cheesy, but we have to be our own best advocates.

3.  You should be participating in your CLIENT’s journey, not the other way around. 

Make sure you are helping them track towards valuable KPIs and not shoving brand or content down their throats. Our job is to show our clients that their opportunities to make an impact have never been bigger. Social media should show impact to business metrics – not drive business metrics.

4.   Produce content with purpose

Always include a Call-to-Action in social content shared across platforms. If you write bad content, people won’t read it.  It’s all about the content.  Call-to-Actions allow us to do 2 things:  engage/sustain existing fans and convert/sell new ones.

5. It’s a race to engage in the digital world.

The more we engage, the more successful we will be as an organization.

The last panel of the day hit me like a brick wall at 4:30pm – but it turned out to be the most rewarding panel of all.   Brian Solis, a principal analyst at Altimeter Group, took the stage with style and zest.  He said: “the relationship between you and your client is YOURS.  The R in ROI should go both ways.”   The reason we’re in this industry is because we care about people, we’re interested in behavior and driving it.  Leverage your experiences as a consumer, your clients’ experiences and the experiences of our very diverse group of colleagues to create the best content and extend our reach in the social sphere and beyond.

As my new friend Paul Steinberg (of Carma) said, GET HOPPING!

Hub Convene 2014

By: Emily Friedman

Account Manager, Technology @ WCG. Bay Area born and bred. Bilingual, Arrested Development enthusiast & SF foodie.

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