Med School Madness – An Ivy League Showdown in the Finals!

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MedSchool Bracket-SEMIFINALMost of the readers of this blog are aware that the MDigitalLife team has been learning from physicians’ online behavior for over a year now. What you may not have noticed is that we made kind of a big announcement 2 weeks ago leading into the South by Southwest Interactive conference. For those of you who missed it, I’ll run it again here: MDigitalLife has now indexed the digital footprint** for over 150,000 US physicians.

In addition to adding digital footprint data, though, we’ve been able to add lots of helpful metadata about prescribing patterns, referrals … and medical schools. We found ourselves wondering which med schools had produced the greatest number of physicians on twitter, for example. Well, we won’t have to wonder much longer, and neither will you!

In the spirit of the season, we decided that a standard “top 10″ list would be far too boring. Instead, we bring you Med School Madness! That’s right – our own bracket-style playoff system to get to the overall winner – the US Med School with most alumni on Twitter!

After some incredible action moving from the Sweet 16 to the Elite 8 to the Final Four, all eyes will be on the Ivy tonight as relentless Penn’s Perelman Medical School faces off with the social media juggernaut Harvard Medical School. While this competition is focused exclusively on the doctors themselves, it’s interesting to contrast the twitter presence of the schools. While we’ll explore this more deeply in tomorrow’s post, here are a few tidbits:

  • Harvard Med uses a single twitter handle – @HarvardMed – while Penn uses four – @PennMedicine, @PennMedAlumni, @PennMDForum and @PennMedNews
  • Harvard’s account has far more followers – over 74,000 to a combined 9,000 for Penn
  • However, Penn’s accounts have a much higher ratio of physician followers; ranging from @PennMDForum which has over twice as many physician followers as Harvard (by percentage) to @PennMedAlumni whose percentage of physician followers is more than 6x greater than Harvard’s

Who’ll come out on top? Don’t forget to check back tomorrow!

[NOTE: In case it isn’t obvious, this is all tongue-in-cheek. The competition is to see which US Medical School has graduated the most tweeting physicians. Check out MDigitalLife for more (and slightly more serious) information.]

**Digital Footprint = the doctor’s Twitter, blog, facebook, youtube, linkedin, Google+, practice web site, hospital affiliate web site, etc.

By: Greg Matthews

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