Med School Madness Final Four: Team Stats

Posted by: in Digital Health, MDigitalLife, Social Media Insights & Trends on April 2, 2014

MedSchool Bracket-FINAL4Most of the readers of this blog are aware that the MDigitalLife team has been learning from physicians’ online behavior for over a year now. What you may not have noticed is that we made kind of a big announcement 2 weeks ago leading into the South by Southwest Interactive conference. For those of you who missed it, I’ll run it again here: MDigitalLife has now indexed the digital footprint* for over 150,000 US physicians.

In addition to adding digital footprint data, though, we’ve been able to add lots of helpful metadata about prescribing patterns, referrals … and medical schools. We found ourselves wondering which med schools had produced the greatest number of physicians on Twitter, for example. Well, we won’t have to wonder much longer, and neither will you!

#MedMadness continues as the final four medical schools rise through the ranks. If you’re not up to date with the showdown, you can read about it here and here. With star players like Tim Allen (Baylor College), Jack West (Harvard), Diane Meier (Northwestern), and James Underberg (UPenn), it’s not a surprise that these schools have made it this far. Though at this point in the games, star players cannot win titles alone so we decided to look at the team stats that have gotten these schools where they are  to perhaps provide some insight into who will come out on top.

Year of Twitter Adoption

Harvard Medical School has the highest level of Twitter veterans with 41% of their alumni on twitter joining by 2009 – making almost half of their team early adopters. Whether or not this will give them an advantage remains to be seen. UPenn Medical School and their high group of late adopters might provide the fresh perspective needed to win #MedMadness.

Average Tweets per Day

Rate of adoption alone doesn’t provide a complete picture of team potential. Northwestern University Medical School and Baylor College of Medicine are ahead when it comes to average tweets a day per alumni. Consistent engagement is important but can it predict which of these schools is producing the most physicians on Twitter? Stay tuned and follow @MDigitalLife to see who advances to the national final of #MedMadness.

*Digital Footprint = the doctor’s Twitter, blog, facebook, youtube, linkedin, Google+, practice web site, hospital affiliate web site, etc.

By: Kayla Rodriguez

Account Associate, Media & Engagement

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  1. Kayla: That’s a pretty impressive collection of stats, Will continue to follow along to see which school comes out on top!

  2. Steven Cutbirth said

    So when do we get to find out who won?

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