The MDigitalLife Top 5: Who Doctors ACTUALLY follow – Healthcare People Edition

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This is the 4th of a 5-part series:

We tend to spend a lot of time studying and learning from what doctors say. From focus groups to surveys to advisory boards, we want (and in the case of patients and healthcare companies, we need) to understand what they’re talking about. But what’s at least as important is to understand what they’re listening to. Who they’re learning from. What they care about.

The MDigitalLife database is the first and only database in the world to link physicians’ “digital footprints” to their national physician registry, and as of today has mapped the digital footprints for over 220,000 US physicians (and is preparing to launch in Europe). Using that database, we’re sharing 5 lists – all based on who those real doctors ACTUALLY FOLLOW on twitter. No editorializing, no guesswork. So without further ado, let me introduce you to the Top 5 Healthcare People followed by US physicians:

Most Followed Blog Posts_Healthcare_People

  1. Greg Matthews – MDigitalLife – @chimoose (Also the #178th most followed handle across all categories)
  2. Dave deBronkart – – @ePatientDave (The #212 most followed overall)
  3. Robert West, PhD – SUNY Upstate – @westr (The #220 most followed overall)
  4. Lolly Daskal – Lead From Within – @LollyDaskal (The #232 most followed overall)
  5. Brian Ahier – – @ahier  (The #253 most followed overall)

You can quickly see that this group is the least followed of the 3 groups we have focused on so far. No one in this group appears in the top 150 overall, and only 41 of the top 1000 fell into this category. On the surface, that may seem like a negative … but what it really means is that we have to look a little deeper. When we look at media outlets and reporters, doctors tend to follow most of the same people the general public does. But when it comes to healthcare companies and healthcare people, the long tail comes into play. The largest portion of this group actually comes in the 2nd & 3rd quartile of the top 1,000 most-followed accounts, showing that the most active Healthcare People tend to appear in the middle of the pack for MD followers.

What we see happening for these “non-MD healthcare people” in relation to doctors is really a look into the core of the #hcsm movement that started in 2008, and the biggest connecting characteristic for the top 5 is just that … they’re connectors in the healthcare community. ePatientDave deBronkart has long been a leader in guiding the next generation of doctor-patient conversations, and Bob West has been an incredibly pivotal player in this space, especially as it relates to helping doctors to navigate the radical changes in training and behavior on the part of MDs.

Some other notables in this list:

For additional information on this list, or to find out where YOU are in the top 1,000, reach out to @MDigitalLife on twitter.

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Methodology Notes:

  • We identified “Healthcare People” as individual people who are active in healthcare but are not MDs.
  • Follower lists were generated on January 13, 2014

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  1. Anonymous said

    I’m honored to be followed by all these Physicians

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