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It’s summer and the social media updates are hot, hot, hot! Check out how Instagram’s new filters can add to your summer photography and how Twitter’s new GIF feature is the first step in shifting this channel to a rich-media-focused service.

What you need to know in June:

  • Facebook Moves to Single Column Timeline for Pages
    • Facebook revamped the look of Timelines on its Pages, switching to a single-column which resembles individual user profiles.
    • Why it matters: Not all pages have rolled out just yet – be aware that your Page will be changing. Customization of the Pages will ensure that you are featuring the aspects that you find most important for sharing with follower
  • Facebook Launches Slinghot
    • Facebook launched Slingshot, a competitor to the ever popular Snapchat and TapTalk applications. Slingshot videos can last up to 15 seconds and can be revisited until the receiver deletes the feed. Additionally, friends won’t be able to see your shot until they sling something back and “unlock” the image/video received.
    • Why is matters: Facebook is encouraging users to share more frequently, which may be good for brands who plan on hopping onboard to ensure that content is being reviewed & reciprocated, active conversation is enabled, and image/video is disposed for a longer period of time, ultimately putting content dollars to use.
  • Instagram Adds 10 New Filters
    • Instagram rolled out an app update, adding 10 new features for both iOS and Android. The full list includes: adjust, brightness, contrast, warmth, saturation, highlights, vignette, sharpen and filter strength.
    • Why it matters: As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words, and there is no exception for Instagram photos shared by brands. This new feature gives no excuse for users/brands to be uploading images of poor quality, as anyone can be a photographer and share beautiful images. On the contrary, watch out for over filtering, as you do not want your pictures to look falsified, which could enable negative feedback from fans.
  • YouTube Removes Suspended Accounts
    • YouTube announced that it will remove suspended accounts in an effort to give content creators a better understanding of their real audience and improve accuracy of subscriber counts.
    • Why it matters: For brands, this is a big deal. While this change will not impact views or watch time currently on the page, be aware that this change is occurring and that you are not losing real-time fans.
  • Twitter Supports GIFS Online and via Mobile
    • Twitter announced that is now supports GIFS online and via mobile, moving away from a channel that supports 140-character status updates, to a rich-media-focused service.
    • Why it matters: This change is big for brands. While other networks already support GIFs, such as Pinterest and Tumblr, this new Twitter update gives brands the opportunity to share GIFs across more channels. Additionally, if competitors are creating GIFs, your brand will want to get in the game to produce rich media as opposed to simple status/picture updates – which ultimately may become something of the past.
  • Twitter Rolls Out Global Mobile Ad Promotions App
    • Twitter is kicking-off its global rollout of mobile app promotions ads – units that either take users to app downloads, or to the apps themselves if they’re already installed, via a deep link. Additionally, Twitter’s unveiling new cost-per-app-click pricing for the unit and a dashboard to track usage which allows brands and agencies to better track conversation by way of tracking customization.
    • Why it matters: This feature is huge for brands and agencies alike, with publishers being able to track conversation and set placement based on interest, keyword, gender, geographic location, language and mobile device, among other things. This will greatly help with promotions and tracking. Additionally, with this update, brands are only paying for the actual clicks/attention they get, as opposed to paying for an overall service.

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By: Samantha Hershman

Account Manager, Social Strategy W2O Group - New York, NY

Find me on: Twitter
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