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April showers brought many May social updates. Facebook’s F8 Conference kicked-off the month, starting what would become a month-long of Facebook changes. Additionally Snapchat launched chat, Twitter added a mute button and Vine became public. Check out what you missed in May and what you’ll need to know moving into June!

 What you need to know in May:

  • Facebook is Trying to be Less creepy
    • Facebook announced that those who join the social network will find their postings automatically set to “friends” as opposed to public. Additionally, Facebook began downplaying passive updates from 3rd party apps to remove insignificant updates on News Feeds.
    • Why it matters: No information has been released on how this will affect company pages, but its imperative that that all new company pages edit privacy settings to allow a public profiles to increase engagement and build an audience.
  • Facebook Introduces New Permissions & Anonymous Logins
    • Users will be able to decide what permissions they want to give an app before signing-up and logging into that app. Additionally, apps will have to gain user permission before posting to Facebook on one’s behalf.  Good to note – anonymous logins are NOT completely anonymous – Facebook will know who you are – but the app maker will not.
    • Why it matters: This change will help users build trust with your app, knowing that they do not have to divulge all information upfront and asking only for the information that users want to share and that you, as a brand, really need. As an app holder, brands will still be given access to user information, within reason, helping to reduce the abundance of information currently provided by each user.
  • Facebook’s New App Links are a Big Deal
    • Facebook announced at their F8 Conference earlier this month that they will be introducing App Links for developers. App Links will make it easier for developers to link other applications from their own apps.
    • Why it matters: Tracking engagement across channels will most likely become easier, as your brand will be able to follow a set click direction from Facebook to another channel without being interrupted. For brands that develop apps on their Facebook page and direct fans to outside links (to an app), this will become very useful – again – cross promotion without interruption.
  • Twitter Adds a Mute Button
    • Twitter has added a mute feature for users on both desktop and the mobile app. Users are able to mute another user without the muted user knowing that they have been muted; however, the new mute button has NO EFFECT on promoted tweets.
    • Why it matters: While users can block advertisers, brands that use promoted tweets are safeguarded from this feature, allowing those dollars to remain in good use – advertisers are unstoppable and firmly have an upper hand in this game. This feature also allows brands to mute users that they may have needed to follow for campaign or direct messaging purposes (courtesy follows), without unfollowing a user and breaking ties – but be careful not to unfollow those whose tweets will benefit you.
  • LinkedIn Launches API for Marketing Partners
    • LinkedIn introduced a pair of new services intended to better connect marketers to their target audiences. Sponsored Updates Partners sets marketers up with more tools for deploying and managing sponsored campaigns. Content Partners program enables companies to more visibly publish content under their own brand names but within the realms of LinkedIn.
    • Why it matters: Opportunity for higher return on investment – LinkedIn has given marketers the ability to create bulk updates across many campaigns, target different audiences, schedule updates, and track performance. With Sponsored Updates Partners, LinkedIn makes it easier for brand (users) to use a single dashboard to manage their paid content activity. Allowing marketers to sponsor posts from media partners also attracts higher engagement than average messaging.
  • Snapchat Launches Chat
    • Snapchat introduced “Chat,” adding instant messaging and video chatting to the platform.
    • Why it matters: While Snapchat has not yet been picked up by all brands, a few are currently using this platform to communicate with fans. Ensure that all brand and legal communication guidelines are being followed, but encompass the opportunity to provide support and answer questions to fans via yet another social platform.
  • Vine Open to the Public
    • Visitors of can now view Vine videos without creating or signing into an account. However, private Vine videos will still remain private, without a login, and users cannot re-vine private posts. A search tool has also been added to update.
    • Why it matters: Expands the Vine audience, giving visitors the opportunity to view videos that are housed on Vine even if they are not users – get your videos on Vine and utilize the free/public advertising of the platform to reach users.
  • Foursquare Splits into Two Apps: Hello Swarm
    • Foursquare will be splitting its app into two: Swarm will be for keeping up with friends, while Foursquare is centered on discovery. Swarm will include more personalization, taking into account a user’s tastes, in addition to opinions of trusted friends and experts, as well as the “checking-in” feature.
    • Why it matters: Businesses will be able to better understand where their target audiences are hanging out based on where they check-in, with who, etc. since these experiences will be even more customized than before, but this information will be on Swarm so businesses will need to know where to look.


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By: Samantha Hershman

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