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As July comes to an end, we can see that this summer is full of social media rollouts and updates! Apps are being redesigned in a push for more efficient mobile usage and already existing platforms are trying to do it bigger and better than before. Check out what changed in July and how you can stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest in social media.

 What you need to know in July:

  • LinkedIn Introduces Direct Sponsored Content
    • LinkedIn introduced Direct Sponsored Content, an update that gives brands the ability to personalize and test content in the newsfeed without having to craft posts for their LinkedIn Company Page. Companies can now make their content more relevant by sending personalized messages to tailored audiences, giving them the ability to test a variety of content in real-time until they get it right.,
    • Why it matters: Direct Sponsored Content gives brands new flexibility with regard to sharing sponsored content, helping boost performance and optimize content. Additionally, this opens up the road to true ‘A/B’ testing and sophisticated advertising, leading to the redefinition of social strategies
  • LinkedIn Redesigns Mobile Profiles
    • LinkedIn rolled out an update to its mobile app, showing a newly redesigned profile that focuses on adding contextual information to a user’s profile page. Intentions for this update are in regard to helping other professionals more easily find/look for you on the go.
    • Why it matters: While this new update is catered towards individual LinkedIn users, your employees can benefit from this feature to hone in on/highlight their skills and experiences at your company. Having an advanced profile also boosts company search. Additionally, this is great for HR departments to track, as users can see the type of people that have viewed their profiles, leading to potential candidates and new hires to find the members to join your company.
  • Instagram Just Got Snapchat: Say Hello to Bolt
    • Instagram released a soft roll-out of its latest app – Bolt – a disappearing messaging app similar to Snapchat. Users can only have 20 people from their contacts added to their network at any given time and can only send images and videos to one person at a time. Bolt also borrows some features from both Snapchat and Facebook’s new app, Slingshot.
    • Why it matters: While there are no plans for brand involvement yet, this app, like many others of the like, may open an opportunity for paid promotion and advertising in the future.
  • With Gmail App Update, Comes Better Drive Integration
    • Google rolled out an update to Gmail’s iOS app (an Android version was released earlier this month), making it easier for users to view and share documents and files between Drive and Gmail.
    • Why it matters: This update is not directly related to branded work; however, for brands that have company Google accounts for social channel sign-up and usage and/or for brand community managers that share documents internally or with other agencies/clients via mobile for a branded Google account, this is a great new feature for sharing on the go.
  • Snapchat Ads Location-Based Filters
    • Snapchat added a series of geo-filters in which users can add labels and drawings based on their location. These labels and artwork are available (being tested) in certain cities and users can swipe to the right to see art related to that location. Snapchat has not yet recognized if the specific art related to company based locations are part of a branded partnership.
    • Why it matters: While Snapchat has not yet acknowledged any branded partnerships, this is a great opportunity if/when the time comes for brands to put some dollars into Snapchat in which artwork found on platform will be tailored towards your brand (i.e. – for brands such as Verizon, money can be put into advertising their Times Square location as part of the Times Square & skyline artwork).
  • Twitter’s New Analytics
    • Twitter released a new analysis dashboard for advertisers, Twitter Card publishers and verified users. The new dashboard offers a broader view of an account’s overall strategy, including organic tweets (regular, non-promoted tweets), total impressions, total engagements and engagement rates for each tweet, aggregating that data for the past month.
    • Why it matters: Analytics are offered to users that do NOT buy ads, which is great for small businesses that do not advertise. On the contrary, this comprehensive view is a huge plus for those who use ads/promoted tweets because now data collectors can unlock a wider range of engagement rates and see how each ad is doing amongst a specific audience.

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By: Samantha Hershman

Account Manager, Social Strategy W2O Group - New York, NY

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