Intern Interview Series: Meredith McCarty, Marketing Intern

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The end of summer is approaching which means many of our summer interns are completing their projects and preparing to go back to their respective schools. Our internship program consists of individuals still in school and graduates who have committed to their position for the rest of the year. To that end, we wanted to launch an intern interview series which could provide insights and a deeper view into “a day in the life” of an intern at our offices.

To ignite the series, our first interview is with Baylor University Senior, Meredith McCarty, who is majoring in Economics and Business Management with a Minor in Chemistry.  She worked on a variety of projects, both internal and external, so I asked her to highlight some of her key takeaways.


What are some projects you’ve been involved in?

During my time here, I was able to work on the upcoming Meredith Vieira Show. I worked with some great people that taught me so much about Digital Marketing. I loved working on a project that was going to be seen by the general public. It was also awesome to see how W2O and it’s agencies play such an integral part in the business plan of companies. I also worked as Project Manager, along with other titles, on “The Intern App” project, which comprised of creating an app. It touched on everything in the development process ranging from idea to execution. I was very excited when presented with the project and though it was stressful at times, but I learned so much. I also found that communicating over several time zones is a challenge one must learn to overcome. At the end of the project, I realized I had gained valuable knowledge that will benefit me in future endeavors. I am excited to see where this project will take me and I know all that hard work will pay off some day. I am thankful for Gage Grammer and Shai Reichert for being so helpful during that project.

What has been your favorite aspect about your internship so far?

This one is tough, but I would have to say that my favorite part has been realizing how W2O Group has contributed to the enrichment of my career. I never thought that I would be placed within a company that emphasizes such value on each employee’s personal career development. The fact that individuals within the company take time out of their day to teach others (through the W2O University) is amazing. I have learned more here at W2O than I would during one semester at my respective college.  I truly feel like I will enter the “real world” with a leg-up on how a business operates.

Did anything surprise you?

I thought my internship would consist of boring excel sheets and inputting data that really carried no importance, but I have never been more wrong. People wanted my opinion and sometimes my advice. I am surprised at how important I felt here. My work and it’s quality was imperative to the progression of the project. I learned that when you work with clients you have to be able to pivot to fulfill their needs. Sometimes this is a challenge but I was surprised to see that no one gave up. The people here have a high work ethic which is apparent in their persistence and refusal to give up out of frustration or exasperation. There is never a time when brains are not working or minds aren’t being molded.

Do you have any advice for candidates applying for internships?

This internship isn’t the easiest job you’ll ever have. It will challenge you and you will learn from the greatest thought leaders in the industry. Before coming to W2O, I would recommend that you do research about all the basics of Twitter, Facebook, and PowerPoint. I couldn’t have asked for a better internship. The people that work here don’t see you as just an intern, but as someone who has ideas and opinions. The friends you make here challenge you to think about the future of the digital world. I would recommend that anyone who is serious about a career in the digital marketing industry to apply for an internship here at W2O Group.

If you could describe your internship in one word, what would it be?


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