Summer Wrap Up: Jumping Into New Business

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Yesterday we had a special meeting for our August Committee of Millennials meeting. Instead of following our usual format and having an associate presenter for the first 20 minutes and then bringing in a guest speaker at the end of our meeting, we used a majority of the meeting to go through a request for proposal and new business pitch deck to familiarize ourselves with the new biz process.

New Business Pitching 101:

One of the things that the associates here in New York are interested in is being more involved in the new business process. We were delighted to welcome Molly Malloy to our meeting. She was nice enough to walk us through a recent RFP and new biz pitch that we won; allowing us to think about how we would prepare for a pitch ourselves.

We started with the basics, like understanding what RFP actually stands for and how we come across new business opportunities, especially if it is not coming from an already existing client. It was an excellent opportunity to put our brains together and talk through the steps we’d take to organize our team, the questions we should be asking ourselves and the information going into a new biz deck. Molly informed us how fast everything moves and how working in tandem with the team you put together is essential for success.  We were able to see what a winning pitch deck looks like after our open forum discussion.

It was an engaging meeting and a great learning experience for us. There was a lot of information to digest but was valuable and interesting to have insight into the process and how we at W2O Group do it so well. We are hoping to have a chance in the coming months to break into teams and try our hand at a mock new business pitch and see what that’s like! We’re always trying to go ahead at our meetings and we feel that honing in on pitching skills is not only valuable for us but can help us bring in new business for the company one day!

Cross Country Associate Collaboration:

We are really excited to announce that our peers in San Francisco are having their first meeting next week! The SF Up-and-Comers are on the books for Tuesday, August 26th. Meredith and I hope that soon each of our offices can have monthly meetings of their own to ensure that we all are learning from one another and integrating across all areas of the company. SF Up-and-Comers, good luck with your first meeting. We’re sure it’ll be as big of a hit as the Committee of Millennials out here in New York!

It’s hard to believe that the summer is almost over! We’re gearing up for the fall and our September meeting which is already in the works.

As always, thanks for helping us Go.Ahead!

Lauren Barbiero & Meredith Crowder

By: Lauren Barbiero

Lauren is a media associate on the earned media team at W2O Group. You can reach her at

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