Sweet, Sweet Summertime and the Committee of Millennials

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Last Wednesday, we had our first cross office meeting. We had our Minneapolis office join this meeting – a great opportunity for us to meet them and for them listen in to a couple great presentations.

A Word From Stefan Knect- Art and Design Process: During the July’s associates meeting, I took the opportunity to guide my peers through the day to day interactions of the “Creative.” I walked through a variety of projects and situations I have encountered as a Creative at W2O. Some of the projects I work on have a smooth trajectory and other are doomed from the beginning. These outcomes can all be adjusted by our ability to communicate with one another and educate each other on our process.  I discussed a variety of projects from concepts for convention center graphics, to animation storyboards, even a creative pitch deck explaining the strength and weaknesses of each process. As a Designer, I am constantly making, and in the process, constantly educating people about what I am making. This circular process is something I love about design.

Guest speaker: This month we heard from Brad Pendergraph who spoke all about his love for “beautiful” data sets. In addition to his love for analytics, Brad gave us three key words to ponder when thinking about our careers: curiosity, lifelong learning and risk.

Although Brad studied English in college and began his career as an executive assistant, he’s always been curious. When he was told he would be working on a computer all day long, he took it upon himself to read the manual front to back and teach himself the ins and outs of the first Window’s server in order to make his life easier. Everyone was so impressed with his knowledge that they made him the Network Administrator for the company.

Finally, Brad discussed the importance of taking risks. Sometimes, a risk can pay off.  He began his first podcast “Whole Lot of Nonsense” at the brink of podcast growth and popularity. He also took a major risk, which almost cost him his job at Novartis, when he began the first Novartis Twitter handle. For nine months Brad used the handle to solve people’s problems and gained a following of over 2,500 people, before being shut down by the Novartis legal department. However, this risky move led him to be one of the folks who were involved writing the social media policy for Novartis. One of the things Brad appreciates about working here at W2O Group is that Jim Weiss is also willing to take a calculated risk.

We really enjoyed having Brad come in and speak to us. Thanks so much Brad!

We’d also like to tell everyone that we’ve finally picked a new name for our associates meeting! We’ve thought long and hard about what we’d like to call ourselves and we’ve decided on being called the Committee of Millennials (COM for short).

We’re ready for August when we hear from Molly Malloy on the process of new business pitching.

As always, thanks for helping us Go.Ahead!

Lauren Barbiero & Meredith Crowder

By: Lauren Barbiero

Lauren is a media associate on the earned media team at W2O Group. You can reach her at lbarbiero@w2ogroup.com

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