What’s Your Why?

Posted by: in Corporate and Strategy, Culture, Inside WCG, Insights on August 19, 2014

This month marks my 10-year anniversary as a leader of WeissComm Partners – er – WCG – I mean the W2O Group. The name has changed, people have come and gone (and come back again in some cases) and I have transformed myself from a pure play “PR girl” into an integrated communications professional. Through it all, three simple things have kept me here: the people, the passion and the vision.

I’m often asked “what’s my why” when interviewing candidates because it’s pretty rare to stay at an agency for 2 years, much less 10, these days. I always start with the people, who are the absolute best, brightest and most fun in the business. I’ve built long-lasting friendships through the “Weiss Web” and love working with all my colleagues every day.

It’s incredibly motivating to work side-by-side with people who are smarter than you, can teach you something you don’t know and are truly interested in helping one another be successful. A word of caution to current and future candidates – as good as you may be at your craft – you will definitely raise your game here!

The passion is all about my love of health care communications. It was a key reason for joining the company 10 years ago – the chance to work at a firm that was exclusively focused in health care. Finally, we weren’t looked upon as the “weird science geeks” in a corner of an agency burning the midnight oil, doing things nobody else in the consumer or tech practices understood! And even now that our firm has expanded into technology, consumer and other industries, there is great respect for, appreciation for, and interest in all things health care here.

And finally, the vision thing. From my initial discussions with Jim Weiss when the agency was no more than 8 people with one small office in San Francisco and a few remote employees in Marin County and New York City, the vision was always clear, courageous and inspiring. We were going to build something special, something smart and something innovative – even when we weren’t entirely sure how we were going to get there.

Jim’s vision, focus and leadership has kept me here for an amazing decade of professional growth, personal evolution and endless laughs.

So that’s my why. What’s yours?

By: Diane Weiser

Practice Lead, Healthcare, WCG

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  1. Daryl said

    YOU ROCK. Loved working with you!!

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