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2014 thus far can be summed up as being collectively focused on getting back to business – getting the fundamentals right and targeting resources to achieve the greatest results.

2013 taught us much but the biggest lesson was the critical need to digest growth and make sure we are not distracted as we build the BEST firm in our industry.

Major components of our focus remain integration and collaboration against the backdrop of our business strategy, which is to continually identify areas in marketing, communications, PR, organizational excellence, sales, crisis/issues, and brand development/positioning where we can create new solutions.

Recently, I emphasized the W2O Group ecosystem of clients, prospects, properties, expertise, experiences and partnerships that aid in learning, development and growth.  These assets provide a real and important mechanism to better integrate, collaborate and successfully achieve our strategic goals.

Further, it’s a bridge to what’s next.

In looking out over the next three plus months, one word jumps out to finish this year strongly and go into 2015 powerfully – Generate.


Professional Service firms are really unique entities in that they must balance their own business interests with that of their client’s needs always keeping ahead of trends, shifts, and ideas.   And in this vein, the word Generate speaks volumes.  And it’s an even quicker way to say Make it Happen.

Every business leader, client executive and industry professional I speak with understands the importance of this principle.  Before you can integrate and collaborate you must Generate!

What do I mean?

Think of it this way:  To integrate and collaborate you need to interact.  This requires an earnest desire to learn, build relationships, and to Generate something – business, revenue, ideas, solutions, models, approaches, thought leadership, methodologies, deeper questions, new knowledge, results.

At the heart of our business is our ability to Generate.

When business – any business – loses its ability to Generate it loses relevance and much more.  To effectively Generate takes passion, discipline and a mojo that pushes you ahead no matter what the barrier or consequence.

As we look to close out 2014 more focused and confident than ever before – I ask each of you to think about and act on what you are and will Generate with clients, new business, prospects, staff, colleagues, intellectual property, W2O University courses, new models and solutions.

What you make happen will determine our collective future.  So Go.Ahead and . . . Generate!


By: Jim Weiss

Chairman & CEO, W2O Group

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