Joining Brewlife and Opening W2O Group Office in San Diego

Posted by: in Inside WCG on September 17, 2014

SD Office View

(Official press release can be viewed here)

An early mentor told me that effective communication is mostly telling a good story. It was simple and excellent advice, and it’s been very helpful as a guiding principle when helping assemble and communicate corporate narratives.

That advice is as true today as the day it was given. However, in today’s environment it needs updating because the amount of information available has multiplied exponentially and the communication channels used to collect information have changed significantly. While telling a good story remains a necessity, there’s so much more “noise” in the system now you not only need a good story, you need a story that elevates the most relevant information and is communicated through an information maze to your audience.

So what’s the connection between the advice of a mentor, the challenges of communicating in the digital age, and this blog post about a new Brewlife hire in San Diego? It’s the W2O network of agencies. The W2O Group combines two critical elements to create a peerless platform that combines storytelling and the tools to get heard in the digital age.

The first element is people. W2O has the reputation of having some of the best, brightest and most creative people in our business. I know this not by reputation, but through my personal experience working with these people as a client and as a colleague. I retained the firm several years back when it was known as WeissComm, and the strength of my account team and the leadership were stellar.

The second element is the ability to fuse the strategic communication abilities of the firm’s people with industry-leading analytics. While the power of analytics may be apparent to us, many companies have been slow to adopt. Having worked for many years on the corporate side, I know it’s only a matter of time – and some education. As a client, I would have loved having the insights that are possible today through smart analytics: who are my most influential sell side analysts; what are the media focused on, what issues are trending; who are the key physicians I need to know. The power of such information is dream-like. But now, with Brewlife as a part of the W2O network, I actually can provide companies access to this information, and the possibilities seem endless. Whether it’s suggesting investment banks to include in an IPO based on an analysis of influential sell-siders, identifying a physician as a KOL or principal investigator, or even seeing a brewing media crisis before the first inflammatory article is published , analytics can truly supercharge communications today.

And doing this all from downtown La Jolla, the site of our new San Diego office, is a dream come true. Beyond the sun and surf is a diverse and innovative business hub that includes life sciences, technology, cleantech, sports and microbreweries. It provides us the opportunity to better serve our San Diego clients, expand the firm’s reach and also access top talent.

I feel very fortunate to lead our efforts in San Diego and drive change through “pragmatic disruption.” Hope to see you at AACR, Comic-con, Sea World or Lego Land.

By: David Walsey

I have 25 years of professional experience: 15 years leading healthcare communications initiatives for public companies, and 10 years as an attorney in private practice. I'm a Managing Director with Brewlife and lead the W2O Group's San Diego Office. When not at work, I keep busy with my family of five in San Diego.

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