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In typical summer fashion, things came in hot on social in August. There are great new updates across many social media channels, including Instagram rolling out a new analytics dashboard and added an “embedded tweets” option for users. Check out what you missed in August and how you can integrate these new updates into your social media strategies!

 What you need to know in August:

  • Facebook Let’s Advertisers Understand the Buying “Chain”
    • Facebook rolled out cross-device reporting, a new feature that allows advertisers to see where a consumer saw an ad, which devise they were using at the time and then which device they used to make the purchase. Additionally, Facebook has an option to also target an audience that is similar to those who bought a product via their site or app.
    • Why it matters: This new reporting is a game changer for brands – especially those in retail – in the ability to help brands correctly value and invest in their mobile efforts. Brands can learn where the majority of their traffic is coming from and how to tailor specific initiatives on the proper device in order to utilize the best resources at that time.
  • Foursquare 8.0 Review
    • Foursquare rolled out an update to their app; instead of check-ins, users will find suggested “intents” which are places to go based on your area, the time of day it is and what you might like based on other places you’ve been and other amenities you’ve chosen. The new updates also helps users breakdown their interests by taste, with over 10,000 options.
    • Why it matters: While most of these updates are catered towards the food/drink industry, who is to say that Foursquare won’t start rolling out updates for all mapped locations?  Brands will want to work with Foursquare to ensure that their stores, restaurants, galleries, etc. are tapped in with enough key words for great search results, driving consumers to their venues, facilities, etc. – associating with the right key words is going to be imperative here.
  • Instagram Rolls Out Analytics for Advertisers
    • Instagram rolled out a set of deeper analytics that will show greater visibility into how brands’ campaigns are performing on the network. These metrics are not just used for advertising, but also for organic post in which marketers can obtain a detailed view of all ads and posts they have previously filed (sorted by impressions, links and chronology) and a view of raw data that they can use for custom data-sorting systems.
    • Why it matters: Instagram never had an analytics tool that provided this much detail – now brands can gather insights on both organic and paid advertising that is shared from their Instagram accounts which will greatly help improve the way brands run their pages , including what information is resonating most with their target audience, who is viewing their content, etc.
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator to Help Users with “Social Selling”
    • Sales Navigator is now a standalone product rather than an additional set of features on the main LinkedIn site. Sales Navigator recommends sales leads you should be connecting with on LinkedIn, allows you to track updates and news related to important leads and companies and find mutual connections — including other people at your company — who can introduce you.
    • Why it matters: This tool is great for sales representatives and leadership teams to make connections and initiate conversation for new clients, leading to new business.
  • Pinterest Rolls Out Messaging System
    • Pinterest rolled out a new messaging feature that allows user to commutate with other Pinterest users, keeping discussions going on Pinterest around their favorite Pins without having to leave the site or apps. Group conversations are also an option via the messaging system.
    • Why it matters: Brands will able to communicate directly with Pinterest followers who have immediate questions or feedback about Pins. Additionally, this will become something that brands/agencies will need to incorporate into the guidelines and Pinterest strategies to ensure brands are prepared to respond to Pinners and stay active and attentive with good customer service.
  • Twitter Tests Promoted Video for Advertisers
    • Twitter is in the Beta stage of testing promoted videos for advertisers, allowing advertisers to upload/promote videos and in return, track their engagement.
    • Why it matters: While this feature is still in the beta stages, this is big news for brands, offering a new way for advertisers to boost engagement of their video content on Twitter and understand how to focus their advertising dollars until they get it right. Video advertising has become a particularly lucrative part of online marketing. Advertisers have shown a willingness to pay higher prices for online video, helping the segment to grow rapidly so brands will want to allocate dollars in their budgets for this type of advertising (if appropriate).
  • Welcome to, Embedded Tweets
    • Twitter shared updates that embedded tweets are now available via Prior to this update, embedded tweets would show up as links at the end of a status update; now, a minimized version of the original tweet is shown embedded as a visual directly beneath your tweet.
    • Why it matters: This gives the opportunity for brands to embed external information (tweets) directly under their own tweet , sharing more of a visual then simply retweeting a third party update (which is one more click in the sharing process). In return, this is great for cross-promotion with other brands (or other company Twitter pages that you brand may have) during campaigns and other similar situations where your brands tweet is featured directly, as opposed to retweets or replies. Additionally, brands will also have to pay attention to how this can affect any analytics results as another engagement piece– look out for embedded tweets!

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By: Samantha Hershman

Account Manager, Social Strategy W2O Group - New York, NY

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