Ahead of the Social Intelligence Summit: Spotlight on Philip Sheldrake, Euler Partners

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In this age of data abundance, one of the cornerstones of business intelligence is knowing how to interact with it in a meaningful way. So how exactly do we make sense of it, and how can we effectively use it to drive valuable insights? More importantly, how do we use it to help people relate to each other and understand each other better?

One of our speakers, presenting at the Social Intelligence Summit next week, 8th October, London City Hall, Philip Sheldrake, Managing Partner at Euler Partners, has just helped launch an exciting new project, The hi:project, which aims to break down the traditional barriers of today’s one size fits all user interface and drive a new individual-centric interface that leverages today’s digital environment to provide a smarter way to connect people, contextualize information and create shared value. To have an interface people can understand, demands one that understands us. The hi:project solution? – The Human Interface (HI).

The HI uses specific information on how a person thinks to integrate personal service and personal data into a personalized interface. The engine assembles the interface in the moment based on the individual’s needs and preferences, familiarity and proclivities, progressively enhancing and reducing, and adapting to device and context. The service and data are also arranged into broader lifestyle topics, allowing patterns and behaviors to reveal insight and discovery, and because it is developed openly and freely in collaboration with anyone who wants to join, the potential is only limited by the community and users. Mr. Sheldrake points out, “making all variety of organization more agile, more valuable, more useful starts by empowering all the individuals that play a role in the organization’s success. The creation of mutual value begins with acquiring self-knowledge and mutual understanding to effect mutual influence.”

The end result? An interface that optimizes value for both the individual and the organization. The user gets the most from their personal service and data, and the organization cuts costs and frees up time to answer the question of whether or not it is creating shared value through building meaningful relationships and optimizing the user experience. Mr. Sheldrake notes, “Are we really going to answer this question satisfactorily by having everyone interface with the digital world similarly? By having them come to each machine in turn than have the machines come to them? I think not.”

Check out The hi:project!: http://www.slideshare.net/hi-project/the-hiproject

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