“Companies must use social intelligence to create mutually beneficial relationships”

Posted by: in Communication, Insights, Organizational Communications, Social Media Insights & Trends on October 8, 2014

Philip Sheldrake, Managing Partner at Euler Partners, is convinced that companies are struggling to create mutual value.

Presenting at the Social Intelligence Summit London, Sheldrake tells us that for him, Social intelligence the missing link which will help become more empowered to exploit the opportunities the digital age provides to us.

Every organization is nothing more than a network of relationships, says Philip. These relationships are subject to constant change and today this is more apparent then ever before.  We need to move away from the organization-centric view of customers, stakeholders and employees and use social intelligence to create mutual relationships.

Take Marketing and PR as an example. In our industry, this shift is even more present when companies try to focus on getting the message out instead of creating a two-way dialogue. Today’s technology enables us not only to create and use platforms to create these dialogues, but provides us also with insight on competing organizations and their stakeholders. Our objective for all these relationships and dialogues of course remains the same: we want to create influence. If we can’t change how others behave or think about us, we can at least carefully listen to them to explore how they would like us to behave and think.

To Sheldrake, the most successful and sustainable companies of the future are not the ones who try to be the loudest, but the most sensitive ones. Society demands that we understand each other better. Only through our understanding we are able to create influence and mutual value.


By: Kathrin Harhoff

Senior Account Manager at W2O Group

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