Social Intelligence Summit London: Sometimes the Questions are More important than the Answers

Posted by: in Advertising, Analytics, Innovation on October 8, 2014

If we don’t ask, we don’t get, and this is our final chance to pick the brains of our panelists at the W2O Social Intelligence Summit in London.

It’s the final round up, the amalgamation of great minds, a simple concept but overflowing with great insight – it’s the open floor Q&A, and here are some of our key takeaways:

Evolution of Facebook

Over the past few years, we have seen Facebook evolve into a data driven advertising platform. By understanding how customers interact with both content and their peers, Facebook is edging to the forefront of direct-to-consumer marketing. Targeted advertising is now happening in real-time. Every click allows for the delivery of highly-tailored content straight to our doorsteps.

Content engagement to brand engagement

In today’s day and age, companies crave data on engagement to prove ROI, and show that likable content can empower customers. BuzzFeed understands the importance of this, and uses innovative industry tools, as well as traditional methods (such as surveys) to assess the social ripple of articles in the form of shares, likes, comments etc…

Data must be part of the bigger picture

Data is insightful and can be used to aid the creation of content – however it must also be understood that although very informative is not standalone. Looking at the bigger picture can help unveil new patterns or trends that can bring you that much closer to your customer.

How does Social connect society?

Social media is a fast evolving communications tool that has stripped away the many filters and layers of traditional media. Politics in particular is slowly following this generational shift as we see leading politicians interacting with the public via forums such as Twitter. As dissemination of content is instant via these channels, we are finding ourselves at the coups of becoming a truly connected society.

Data and Creativity

The great creatives of our generation have always used data to inform strategy. Data and creativity can work hand-in-hand and allow for the creation of highly relevant content. With the continuing evolution of social media, we have seen a big shift in the market with the development of agile content. Real-time is the new time.


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