The Committee of Millennials continue to #MakeItHappen at this month’s meeting

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Last week, the New York Millennials had a great meeting where we discussed various Excel tips and tricks, learned about coding from Abby Rondot and heard from Mary Claire Duch about her time here at W2O Group.

We started the meeting with Mandy Wong and Jon Arditti, from analytics, teaching us some tricks in Excel. The last time the Millennials met we all decided it would be a great idea to get together and share all the Excel tricks we’ve learned through the years. A few pivot tables, bullet points within a cell and keyboard shortcuts later everyone’s minds were thoroughly blown- in the best way possible. We were so enthused with all the pointers Jon and Mandy shared that we encouraged them to post the PowerPoint they presented on the hallway so that everyone can benefit. We hope you are equally as impressed as we were!

Guest speaker: This month we heard from Mary Claire Duch, who spoke to us about her role here at Twist, how she maintains such a great work life balance and tips about managing others.

  • Background:  Mary Claire went to school in DC with the intentions of working on the hill but soon found out politics weren’t for her. She found herself in PR based off her love of writing and spent her first two jobs at small agencies that specialized in healthcare. Last week Mary Claire celebrated her eighth anniversary with W2O Group.
  • Don’t take life so seriously: Anyone who knows Mary Claire, knows she has a great work-life balance. She is the epitome of the working professional we all strive to be! So, it isn’t a surprise that most of our conversation was about how she has manages this. Here are a few key tips she gave for how to manage stress and our at-times-hectic-profession:
    • Always flag for help before your breaking point- people are understanding and willing to help out!
    • Who you work with makes all the difference- having a good relationship with those you work with, both senior leaders and peers makes a big can make or break a job.
  • Mentor of the Year: When it comes to being a good manager, Mary Claire knows all. She gave us Millennials some great tips for how to go about managing others for when we get to that point in our careers. The most important piece of advice she had was to never blow off 1:1’s. She made clear how important she thinks it is to meet with those you manage on a bi-weekly basis. She also stressed how important it is to ask for opportunities that you are interested in so to continue getting ahead in your profession.

It was great hearing from Mary Claire and hearing what her favorite things about her job are. We always look forward to this portion of the COM meeting because learning from those who have been in the industry for longer than we have is an excellent opportunity for us to get insight as to how we can continue to #GoAhead. Thanks, Mary Claire for coming and talking to us!

Next month will be our 1 year anniversary, so we will have a lot in store to make it a memorable meeting! We look forward to sharing a recap with you all then.

As always, thanks for helping us Go.Ahead!

Lauren Barbiero & Meredith Crowder

By: Lauren Barbiero

Lauren is a media associate on the earned media team at W2O Group. You can reach her at

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