About Common Sense

At WCG, we have the honor of walking the halls of companies of all sizes and shapes every day.  It is an amazing experience.  The result is that we can often see trends emerging more quickly than a single company might due to this vantage point.  And this is our goal with Common Sense, our blog.  We will provide our insights for today’s company in a simple, forward-thinking and easy to understand manner.

We will discuss communications, technology, social media and any other aspect of business that can help us all learn.  We believe that areas like video or photography often deserve more attention than they get and it is highly relevant for us to share our personal experiences as customers and patients.  We just have one filter.  When we post, is it Common Sense?

The world has never experienced so much change online.  Join us and let’s explore what’s next through our collective views, insights and opinions.

So welcome to Common Sense.  We hope you join the conversation.

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